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Can I put the 256GB SSD from a 15 inch MacBook Pro into a 13 inch?

My Macbook Pro 15-inch mid-2015 (A1389) died this week. I have a functioning Macbook Pro 13-inch early-2015 (A1502). I asked earlier this week about getting a USB adapter which I found one for. To save money, I was wondering if I can simply swap the SSD from the broken 15-inch Macbook Pro into the working Macbook Pro 13 inch to see if it works.

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Yes. In the models with repairable SSDs, you can swap them between any models with the same connector. The only thing is, if you are trying to boot off of macOS from the 15", then it will not boot and fail, as you will need to install the OS specifically for the certain model MBP. You may be able to recover any lost information by using recovery mode, however in order to boot into macOS, you will need to reinstall it using macOS recovery. Good luck fixing!

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@ottobunnycoder - Not to worry both Early and Late 2015 systems support the same version of MacOS.

You will encounter a boot-up issue as the system won’t know to boot up with the different SSD. To get around that use the Startup manager pressing the Option (⌥) command and then reset it within Preferences.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


@danj Ah, thank you for bringing that to my attention. I only thought that as it did not work with my different iMacs.


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I find this guide very useful when trying to use a different Apple SSD in a given system The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs

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