Electrical issue in screen

I have electrical problem

We connect a screen to power but we find the screen is flashing continuously ,due to find a solution

We off the light and the flashing desapere ,when turn on light botton the flashing back

While we check the panel for tighting and every thing is ok

We take the screen to a deffrent department and find the screen is ok

We think about the light in the problem department cause its led day light

We try to take the screen to other department with led light to make sure and we find the flashing same but more little than before due to this department have warm led light

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Hi @meroomeroo,

What is the make and model number of the screen?

If you can turn it on with a remote control, try covering the remote control "window" on the bezel of the screen and check what happens when you connect power to the screen and turn it on using the Power button on the screen.

If it turns on OK there may be a problem with the IR receiver in the screen


The screen is for medical course, it's like a microscope with screen.

We find that when turn on led day light the screen flashing, when we take the device to other Please the have flureccent light ,the screen became clear, then we take the device to other Please with led warm light and the screen became flashing but more less than before.

Although the complainer tell that he face an issue in projector and TV screen when showing slide that every several day that abnormal issue happen to projector and TV sitting



What is the model number of the device?

Is it one complete unit i.e. microscope and screen or can you just connect any screen to the microscope.

Without knowing the model number etc it is very hard to know how to give a relevant answer.


It's labatory device content with microsop with screen

It's became normal and clear when turn off light



It could be a faulty light?

Can you change the light at all?

If it is a LED light is it a LED tube (like a fluorescent light tube) or a LED bulb?

If it is a LED tube, do you know if it replaced a fluorescent light tube or if it was a new installation?

If it replaced an existing fluorescent light tube, it may have been wired incorrectly, as LED tubes do not require ballasts like fluorescent tube do.

Here's a link that explains it better than I can


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