Why is my new battery from ifixit draining my iPhone 7 plus

I have a 32gb iphone 7 plus which is an extra phone I am going to use for my drone screen. I do not have a sim card in it. I ordered a new ifixit battery kit and replaced the battery. The phone charges up with the new battery just fine. I've turned off background refresh, have very few apps running. Phone was at 100% at 8:00 this morning, 5 hours later without using it at all (screen was off), battery percent was down to 70%. It is on IOS 15.8. My iphone 6 (with an after market battery since the apple battery swelled) hardly drains down even after moderate use.

I've turned on airplane mode and turned on wifi. I've read a lot of articles on the web. Does anyone have a 7 plus which doesn't drain the battery? Is this battery defective? Any suggestions?

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Craig, have you calibrated the battery? It could be the percentage calculation is still running off the data from the old, tired battery and isn't giving you the right answers. Charge the battery to 100% then use it until it shuts off due to low battery. Repeat a couple more times and that should allow the battery charge calculation to work correctly.


Jerry, thanks for the response. I'll try your suggestion. It has run down a couple of times, not positive I charged it to 100%.

Thanks again, I'll post my results in a couple of days.


I've followed the advice and charged/discharged but still the same results. Looking at the battery performance, there is a very steady decline of the battery through the day whether I use it or not. My iphone 6 can last for days before I have to recharge it.


@craig32148 I might suggest that your next step should probably be to talk to the iFixit Store personnel about this issue. Their batteries are warrantied for a year, so if you guys decide it's a battery problem, they would then send you a replacement. Best way is to email them at support@ifixit.com.


@dadibrokeit Thanks, I just sent an email.


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