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Why won’t my Frigidaire oven heat up but broiler works

The oven will not heat. Broiler and stovetop work but oven won’t heat.

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Hi @kimberly88216,

What is the model number of the Frigidaire range oven?


@jayeff The model number is FGGF3059TFA


Hi Kimberly,

This is a gas stove, right?


@dadibrokeit yes it’s a gas oven


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Hi @kimberly88216

As @dadibrokeit mentioned most likely it is a faulty gas igniter in the oven but it could also be a faulty temperature probe, a faulty oven control board or the wiring between the board and the components.

Here's the wiring diagram that may help.

It shows where the bake igniter and the temperature probe connects to the oven control board so that you can check if the wiring connections are OK and the temp probe is OK.

With the GAS turned OFF, check if there voltage on the igniter connection on the control board (P9), when you select the oven and turn it on. I don't know what the voltage may be but assume it is 120V AC. If the power is there it may be the igniter.

If there is no voltage applied to the igniter lead turn off the power to the oven and then disconnect the harness plug on connector P11 of the control board and measure between the wires on pins 1 & 2 of the harness cable plug to see if the temperature probe is OK. Make sure that its initial resistance is 1000-1100 Ohms. This is for temps between 32°F-75°F i.e. oven is cold. If the probe is open circuit the control board may not turn the oven on

If the igniter is faulty here's a video that shows how to replace it. Search online for 316489403 to find parts suppliers that suit you best

If the temperature probe is faulty, here's a video that shows how to replace it. Search online for 316490000.

If the control board is the problem search online for 5304509230. It isn't cheap.

Be safety aware when working in the oven. Turn off the power and the gas before replacing any parts.

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Hi Kimberly,

First thing to check is the igniter. That's a part that basically just gets really hot and ignites the gas. You should be able to easily see the glow of the igniter, and if you don't that's a big smoking gun.

I don't have specific information about your oven, but I did run across a video showing how to diagnose and replace the igniter on a Frigidaire stove. Take a look and see if that gives you some ideas.

Frigidaire Gas Oven Won't Heat - How to Troubleshoot and Fix a Gas Stove in Easy Steps - YouTube

Update (12/07/23)

Just a note to be aware of, those igniters are darned expensive and one thing I liked about the video I linked to is that he talks about using a generic igniter for about $30 vs. the factory ones for $130. I know which one I'd get...

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