Back glass removed 12 Pro Max- Now no signs of life

Hi, I removed the back glass on my iPhone Pro Max 12, if I am being honest the removal went ok, the back of the phone is nearly full metal so cannot see what I may have nicked with the metal removal tool, there is nothing too obvious. Before the removal, the phone worked perfectly.

The obvious question without taking the phone apart is, is there something that would render the phone completely dead?

Another question, when I open the phone up, would it be a case of unplugging things to see what the damaged component is?

Complete novice here so a big learning curve, didn't imagine I'd end up with a damaged phone ha!

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if you used hot air for removing the glass what temp did you use


Hi, no hot air was needed, patience and fortunately the glass came away very easily, it had already been cracked for well over a year,


@pokerking usually 12 pro max are well stuck down as i have done a few with hot air and had no power issues, have you checked with a charge cable to see if it shows anything on screen


Hi Daniel, nope nothing on the screen when plugged in, the only bits really stuck were around the camera lens but a bit of IPA loosened the glue. Would a damaged charger coil stop it from turning on? Thats the only bit thats really exposed. I have ordered some tools to remove the screen and dig further, that's coming tomorrow.


@pokerking its possible the first thing i would do is disconnect that, if thats not the issue then flash flex and then face id module flex cables and possible rear camera


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