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La mise à jour tant attendue du célèbre Mac Mini. Processeurs disponibles : Intel Core i3 quad-core à 3,6 Ghz, Intel Core i5 hexa-core à 3,0 Ghz et Intel Core i7 hexa-core à 3,2 Ghz.

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The status indicator light is on once connected to power

My mac mini i7 cannot send video signal to monitor (black screen). I found the indicator light will immediately on (white) once I connected this Mac mini to power. Press the power button for 10 seconds, I can turn off the Mac min and the light also turned off. the light will be on if unplug and replug in .

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Have you tried anything specifically yet to fix this? This could be as simple as a bad cable. How are you connecting your Mac to the monitor?


I have two Mac mini, the other one is i5 I used the same hdmi cable. mini i5 is working well. I connected this working min i5 to the same power supply, the indicator light won't turn on until I press the power button.


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Given your symptoms I’m suspecting the I/O logic within the CM246 platform controller has failed, I’ve seen this before as the video wake line still functions which is what you are seeing.

Sadly, this system will need a new logic board.

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Thanks, Dan. Could you tell me the name of logic board and where I can find it ?



@yuan24263 - This series has soldered storage, as such each version has a different P/N. Review this listing to find the one you either have now or if storage is a bit thin jump up to a larger version. 2018 Mac Mini Logic Boards


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