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Repair information for Samsung clothes dryers.

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The dryer spins when door is shut even when off

Why does my dryer keep spinning after turned off?

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Hi @virginiablaker,

What is the make and model number of the dryer?


@jayeff It is a Samsung dryer, model number dve55m9600v/a3


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Hi @virginiablaker

Does it stop spinning if you open the door?

Try disconnecting the power from the dryer for ~5 minutes and then check if the problem is still there.

If it doesn't start spinning immediately the power is reconnected, you may have to turn it on, run it for a minute or so and then turn it off and check

If still no good it may be a faulty control board (sticking relay perhaps)

Looking at various parts suppliers so that I can get images of the board there appears to be two boards in the control panel but there seems to be conflicting information as to the part numbers as there are two different dryer models i.e. DVE55M9600V/A3-00 and DVE55M9600V/A3-0000 so perhaps the boards are different between the two models, I don't know.

I can only suggest that you open the control panel and check the board with the relays mounted on it and if possible try gently tapping each of the relays with the plastic handle of a screwdriver, one at a time, to see if you can make it stop spinning with it turned off but with the power connected.

If you can then it may be that the relay contacts were just sticking closed, so replacing the relay may help. If not you may have to replace the board.

Look for the board number printed on the board. It should begin with DC92-01????. Once you have found it search online for the board number to hopefully find suppliers.

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