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Informations sur le démontage et la réparation du smartphone Android phare de Samsung, le S20, sorti en mars 2020.

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Make one working phone out of two partially working ones

I have two phones:

Phone A [Galaxy S20 (G980F D/S)] where most likely the motherboard + charging board need to be replaced (damaged during port cleaning, phone wont charge through wired nor wireless, quickly displays message saying phone gets too hot. Very rarely it will charge and then works fine for a while. Changing out the charging board did not fix the issue)

Phone B [Galaxy S20 5G (G981B/DS)] with a cracked screen and back glass

So my question is how to best proceed. My first thought is to remove all internals from phone B and place them into phone A, but I would prefer to have the 5G capabilities and am not sure if there are any necessary components (such as 5G antennas?) in the shell.

Any advice appreciated, thanks!

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there could be different ways the internals of both models are, im not sure off hand. as for phone A did you use a genuine charge port as some copies dont have the required sensors

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Yes, the charging port was purchased directly from Samsung.


@cinnamon7272 take the wireless charging coil off and try cable charger only to see if it changes


This yields a similar result; The phone started charging, but quickly (at 2%) stopped with a message the phone was overheating, which is behaviour that also sometimes happened with the wireless charging coil still attached. I do feel some heat which I would consider overheating from the top center of the phone, either at the very top of the battery or (as it seemed to me) just above it, at the motherboard.


@cinnamon7272 are you in europe as the g980f is a euro model


Yes, I am indeed in Europe


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