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Find repair and detailed information for the GE Refrigerator GSE22ETH****, a side-mounted freezer model from 2014, designed to be built into kitchen cabinetry, featuring standard door access, automatic ice maker, and a compact design. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern GSE22ETH****.

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My fridge is leaking and it is not freezing

My fridge has been leaking water from behind and also the main compartment is not freezing food appropriately and food is going bad repeatedly. What should i so to fix it?

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Hi @nahomaddisu2850,

What is the full model number of the refrigerator?

When it is not freezing is the compressor motor operating at the time?


Hey thanks for the reply. It i working but the freezing is suboptimal. The model is GE Refrigerator GSE22ETH i the model number


Hi @nahomaddisu2850

Is the refrigerator temperature OK i.e. between 34°F → 41°F but not the freezer temperature i.e. between -3°F → 3°F ?

Does the compressor stop before the freezer temp reaches its set temp range.

Also there should be 3 more letters at the end of the model number as there are 9 different models beginning with GSE22ETH and they don't all use the same parts i.e. GSE22ETHB??, -C?? and -D??


Hi jayeff sorry for the that. The full model name is GE Refrigerator GSE22ETHBWW. the freezer temp write now is -1f and the refrigerator temp is 37f. But not sure as to how i could know when the compressor is working or not. How can i know when it is working or not? Thanks in advance


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You can hear the compressor motor operating.

It is underneath the freezer compartment at the back of the cabinet.

Normally the compressor will run until the temp in both compartments reaches their set lower limit operating temp range (see above for range) and then it will stop.

When the temp rises (in either compartment) above the upper limit, by the doors being opened and cold air lost, then it will start again to drive the temps back down. This is how the temps are maintained in the refrigerator and freezer i.e. compressor cycles on and off to keep temps within range

Once every ~ 8 hours of accumulated compressor run time, the control board initiates a defrost cycle and the compressor will be stopped if it is on (or not started if it isn't) and the defrost heater in the freezer compartment is turned on to melt the ice build up off the evaporator unit. This meltwater should flow down a drain to an evaporator pan under the freezer near the compressor motor.

The defrost cycle usually lasts for ~20-25 minutes and then the compressor will be started again to maintain the temps until the next defrost cycle.

When you get the water flowing and the temp is too high, this could be because the defrost cycle hasn't been stopped and the compressor restarted. That's why I asked if the compressor was running at that time.

Problems with a defrost cycle could be the defrost thermostat or the control board. if the water is on the floor check if the evaporator pan underneath the freezer cabinet is full or water. It really shouldn't be because the defrost cycle occurs often enough that there's really not that much ice build up to melt each time.

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Thank you so much i will check that and get back to you. Best



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We had the same issue with our GE refrigerator (it looks like it is the same or a very similar model to yours). We have found that sometimes if we fill the freezer too full and/or don't ensure that the freezer door is shut fully, ice will build up on the back and base of the freezer - which then melts during the defrost cycle and drains onto the floor.

Sometimes however, we've had a similar water/ice problem when we haven't overfilled the unit. We now know that it was caused by a clogged defrost drain tube. To fix, we turned off the power, removed the freezer drawer and melted off the ice that had accumulated in the defrost drain trough below the evaporator using a hairdryer (and then gently breaking/removing ice with a rubber mallet). We then squirted hot water through the defrost drain hole with a turkey baster until we could hear the water drain quickly. We tried some recommended fixes to prevent the issue from happening again (salt, a heated wire, etc.) that didn't work - but then noticed that the bottom end of the drain tube (the portion feeding into the drain pan in the back of the refrigerator) had a very narrow opening and was clogged with very small bits of dust etc. My husband clipped the narrow end off the tube and it's been a few years without any recurrence!

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Thank you so much. I will give that a shot too.


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