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The larger, fourth-generation ES (designated MCV30) debuted in July 2001 for the 2002 model year.

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What is this piece called and where can I buy?

my cup holder works beautifully except this little piece is missing which makes the cup holder not able to hold a cup. the springs are still in place. it’s the circled part in the photo. thanks.

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The best advice i can give you for fixing this issue is that you will likely have to purchase that entire unit from either a dealership, junkyard or parts house. I have heard them called "Wings and fingers" again though its gonna be really hard to source that original part of a part and there is a reason the other one fell out.

I took a cursory look for you and did locate a number of them on Ebay that look to be exactly the same as yours and can be purchased for reasonable prices.

They are all hovering around 65-75$

I hope this helps!!



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