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3200 MHz RAM showing up as 2400 MHz

I have an HP-14 cf2112wm laptop. I originally got it with a smashed screen and only a meager 4GB of 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM. Since getting it I have replaced the screen and put 8GB of 3200 MHz Teamgroup T-Force DDR4 Zeus RAM inside it. However, this 3200 MHz RAM is only functioning as 2400 MHz of RAM. Here are my specs (from Omen Gaming Hub)


HP Laptop 14-cf2xxx




Microsoft Windows 11 Home

- Release ID: 2009

- Version: 10.0.22621

- Build: 22621


Intel(R) Celeron(R) N4120 CPU @ 1.10GHz

- Clock speed: 1101MHz

- Description: Intel64 Family 6 Model 122 Stepping 8


Intel(R) UHD Graphics 600

- Refresh rate: 60Hz

- Driver version:



- Capacity: 8GB

- Type: DDR4

- Default clock speed: 2400MHz


Intel(R) Display Audio

Realtek High Definition Audio

Steam Streaming Microphone

Steam Streaming Speakers

As you can see, the default clock speed is 2400 MHz. How do I make it function as 3200 MHz? I have tried overclocking with Intel XMB, and there is no RAM speed option in my BIOS. I am a very technically experienced person, so I feel slightly ashamed of not figuring this out. This system is heavily modified and customized (I'm even working on a custom backlight!), so I want it to be the BEST possible. Please help!

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Hi @eucador

A quick check of the CPU specifications shows that it only supports up to 2400Mhz ram, so it is limiting the ram to this speed.

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Ah, that makes sense. I should have recognized this first. Thanks.


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