I have an MacBook Air 2015. Cpu usage 100%

Macbook Air 2015 was super slow so I installed Ubuntu on it. When i am opening any applications or playing video cpu usage is 100% perhaps ram usage is just 1.4/8 GB.

What could be problematic here? I tried running it without batteries also. No success.

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Why not installing macOS again and try to find the issue?


You will need to re-install macOS on your system to figure out the hardware aspects.

As far as Ubuntu you will need to check the build you used and any required patches.


@inwerp - You didn't to the homework!

BenZ78 and my supportive comment did before you answered technically is a duplicate and drags the OP down a rabbit hole you created before getting the results of the diagnostic process!

Don't be so quick! Our goal here is two fold: Get people to fix their systems and educate on the proper diagnostic process to know the direction is correct. Sometimes you just need to wait to get the data to get to the next step.

You have skills! You just need to hold things back a bit! And don't rush in when others have asked the OP for a diagnostic process to get whats needed. Be supportive and if you've seen another condition which could also be the fault I do encourage you to state it! But likewise don't blast people for stating the same on your post. Take a breath and think!


@danj Please do not delete this comment.

you have abolutely no right to delete my comments. they do not violate any rule of this website, they are technically correct and provide possible solutions based on my experience as full-time mac repair tech.


@inwerp - As a monitor of the Answer site my task is to make sure the quality of the comments and answers are not abusive and some of yours have been.

I've tried to channel you to where your knowledge would be better served! Please create a guide on the issue!


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