Poor Lenovo battery life after replacement from Ifixit store


I replaced the battery in my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 3rd Gen after having battery life issues. This did not solve the problem. My old battery lasted for about 3 hours on a full battery and with normal (normal for me) user activity. The new Lenovo battery that I bought from the Ifixit store has not increased the battery life, perhaps even worsened it..

If the battery was never the problem, what could it be and how can I possibly fix it?

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 for OS.


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Hi @jenskimmel,

Did you calibrate the new battery by running the OS on the battery only until the battery charge was approx 10% then recharge it to 90% and then repeat this procedure one more time, you never said?

If not the OS BMS may still be using the charging parameter information from the old battery


@jayeff I did. I followed the calibration instructions very carefully. I think it was charging 100%, using it to 0%, then to 100% again and then using it normally.


@jayeff But let's say I am mistaking, is there a way to change the parameter information in Linux/Ubuntu?



Don't know Linux, but here's a link that may have a few ideas to try to reset the battery management system.

I know in Windows that manually uninstalling the battery drivers and then restarting the laptop to let Windows reinstall them sometimes works as it resets the BMS, when new batteries are installed

Also in Windows there's a battery report command that gives information about the Design Capacity of the battery and also the Full Charge capacity so that you can check if it is charging up to where it should be if it was a good battery especially if it was new.

I don't know if Ubuntu has this feature or not though


@jayeff will try that and come back here to report. Thank you for your answers


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