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Modèle A2159, EMC 3301. Mise à jour du MacBook Pro 13" entrée de gamme. Disponible en Argent et Gris sidéral. Mis sur le marché en juillet 2019.

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Based on his thermal image, is this resistor blown?

So I’ve decided to learn component level repair, and just got this Seek thermal imaging camera.

I used it on this MacBook that doesn’t power on board 820-01598-06, and when it’s plugged in to power, this resistor is the only component that lights up red.

Block Image

Block Image

Based on this, would it be safe to say that tha resistor is blown? I’ve got a multimeter. Just not sure what setting to use and what reading is normal.

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Hi @applerepairshop

Looking at your images, I am not very sure that the inductor is where the heat is coming from as they very rarely go bad. You can test it to see if it shows a high resistance. It should only be around 0.019 Ohms when you measure across it.

I am more inclined to say that the surrounding mosfets or caps have gone bad as they handle the main power rail coming in form the charger. I would also check if the rails on the other side of the board on U7000 as that may be where the heat is coming from. That chip is responsible for the power management.

Block Image

This the that inductor you marked on the picture.

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