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The Lenovo Yoga C930-13IKB is a 2-in-1 laptop that features a touchscreen, fingerprint reader, and tablet mode. The device comes with a Lenovo Active stylus pen, 65W AC adapter, 4 cell 60WHr Li-Polymer battery, and a quick start guide.

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What ribbon cables am I missing, can I get away without them?

I salvaged a Lenovo Yoga C930-13IKB and want to see if I can get it up and running. From what I can tell, someone previously ripped out the battery and the black protective sheet underneath, damaging 1 or 2 ribbon cables in the process. There was a small thin severed ribbon cable inside the case when I found it. If you look at the motherboard, oriented with the battery located below the board, next to the battery connector on the right there is a large ribbon cable (for keyboard?), and then two smaller ribbon cable connectors that I am maybe missing as nothing is currently plugged into either. They are labeled JP7 and JP14. Am I missing ribbon cables, and what are they for? Can I get away without them?

Edit: I think I've found that JP14 is left empty by design, so I'm not missing anything there. JP7 is shown in the image below, the far right connector indicated by the red arrow. Maintenance manual just says it's part of the upper case, but doesn't say what it's for. Anyone know?

Block Image

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@jackie39356 picture always help in cases like yours. Post some pictures of what you have going on there, with your Question.Ajout d'images à une question existante That way we can see what you see. Could be your touchpad cable as well as your touch screen. The other thing you can do, is to download the Yogac930 13ikb Hardware Maintenance Manual to check things out. It will tell you what those cables do and ultimately that will determine which ones you can "skip" but most likely none of them if you want full function of it.

Update (02/14/24)

JP 7 is your keyboard backlight

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thanks @oldturkey03 , unfortunately the hardware and maintenance manual you linked doesn't expressly state the function of the ribbon cable that is plugged into JP7. I think that JP14 is empty by design, so I am not missing anything there. It looks like the ribbon cable for JP7 is part of the upper case assembly. The only mention is in the manual on page 46 "Detach the nine connectors in the directions shown by arrows". I am wondering if you know the purpose of that specific ribbon cable? I know without it I won't have "full functionality" but if it is something unnecessary I can go without. For example if it was the cable for the fingerprint reader (but it is not), I don't need that. However if it is vital for the functionality of the keyboard, that would be worse.


@jackie39356 you are right but you look through the disassembly and it should tell you which ribbon cable to remove. That should help you to identify what goes where.. It's a PITA since you will have to go through all components. Let me see if we have a board schematic so we can make it easier.


Hi @oldturkey03

Couldn't find a free download but here's one for an NM-B741 which I think is the motherboard model for not too bad a price if the OP can't find out from the hmm



@jayeff i actually already had it in my files. It did allow me to verify the JP connectors JP 14 is not very well documented on the schematic but it relates to the battery somehow. Appears to not to being used on this model.


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Jp7 is the backlight for the keyboard

Jp14 is empty on mine also

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