I have the answer “on”, but messages can not be left

No one is able to leave a message???

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Hi @betty57069,

When you turn the answer machine function on do you hear the automated message confirming that it is on (same when you turn it off, it states answer machine is off)?

What do callers hear when trying to leave a message?

Just verifying that you have set up the answering machine service as per p.50→ in the user manual


1) yes - it says calls will be answered

2) you can’t leave a message for (my phone number)

3) I thought I had (even added & replayed a personal message) but, apparently not



Have you verified whether the calls are being answered by the voicemail service on the phone service (if activated) or the answer machine?

Disconnect the base station from the telephone line socket (or modem if phone service is a VOIP phone service - voice over internet protocol) and then call your number from another phone - mobile phone?, and check what happens.

You should hear ringtone in the calling phone for ~30 seconds and then it should stop.


@betty57069 Have you made sure that the voicemail box isn't full?


Yes, the phone answers and states a message can not be left.

There are no messages saved so the box is not full.


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