Replaced Control board to address f01 now getting f70 new new board

I have a Kenmore Elite H5 dryer. The original issue was it work sometimes stop during the cycle or sometimes not starting displaying F01, but I could eventually get it started. After researching I was told to check the main control board and I discovered burnt solder posts on the bottom of the board. I order a replacement from amazon and installed it but when installed I never could get the dryer to turn on and it would display f70. I replaced it with the original board(with the burnt solder posts) and I could at least get it to start and do some laundry. Thinking I got a bad board I returned it and got a second board, but it did the same thing. Again the original board at least turns on. Any ideas what might be causing the f70 issue. I'm thinking it might be an issue with the motor control board underneath, but I want a second opinion before I buy anything else.

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Hi @randymcleanwo5m

What is the model number of the dryer?


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