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Can I replace the motherboard.

So I have a Lenovo legion 5 pro and after a storm one night I think a power surge fried my motherboard, I've tried disconnecting the battery and holding the power button everything they say to do online. I was going to get a replacement board and just drop in myself if it would save me some money but I want to make sure I get one that will auctly work. Do you have any idea how I can verify I'm getting the correct board. The power button lights up but I get nothing on the screen, external monitor doesn't work, no fans or notice of much at all when I turn it on. So I can't check bios settings to see if I can find anything out there. Any information would be awesome!

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Hi @crescentrose17,

What is the full model number of the laptop as shown on the product information label on the bottom of the laptop?


Legion 5 pro 16IAH7H


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Hi @crescentrose17

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop. This manual covers the Legion 5 pro 16IAH7H Machine Types (MT) 82RF & 82SO laptops. The MT number should also be on the product information label on the bottom of the laptop if you wish to check which type yours is.

Go to p.42 to view the procedure to remove/replace the systemboard

Here's the MT 82RF part list

Click on Machine Type → Select Commodity → Systemboards (14) to find the part numbers for the 14 systemboards that can be used in the laptop.

Once you have accessed the systemboard in your laptop, look for the part number which should be on a sticker somewhere on the board itself.

Once you have found it verify that it is on the list and if so search online using the part number only to hopefully find suppliers.

If you cannot find a supplier for your particular motherboard here's another option to consider. Here's a link to the schematics and boardview files for the systemboard that can be purchased if you wish to try and find out what's wrong. Might be a cheaper option that buying a replacement board.

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