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Released June 2020, identified by model number SM-A215U

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My phone speaker is not working

My phone speaker is not working

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Hi @xayaadshire,

Can you hear audio OK when using headphones plugged into the phone?


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@xayaadshire if you hear no sound from the speaker, check with a headset. If you don't hear anything from that either, it could be software related. Of course, make sure that you have the volume turned up etc. Try to power your phone up in safe mode to rule out that this is caused by a bad 3rd party App. Use the instructions from this site to start your phone in safe mode.

If the speaker works in that mode, it is one of your Apps that is causing it. Remove the Apps one-by-one until you know which one is the one that caused it. If it does also not work in safe mode, try to get into the Samsung Hardware Diagnostic Test Menu by dialing *#0*# There you will see the Speaker test. Give that a try and tell us what happened.

Bottom line, if it is a bad speaker, you phone should work with your headset. If it is a stuck headphone jack, your headphones should work when you plug it in. Only one thing left to do would be to . Replacing the speaker and/or the sub_board. Since iFixit does not yet have a guide for that, follow this video up to 2:15 to replace those.

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Well you can try the following:

  1. Check all settings.
  2. Manually turn off headphone output.
  3. Remove phone case.
  4. Reboot on safe mode.
  5. Do a hard reboot.
  6. Clean the speaker.
  7. Allow it to dry in case of a water accident.
  8. Software issues.

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