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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du smartphone Android Nokia G22, sorti pour la première fois en mars 2023. Identifié par les numéros de modèle TA-1516 ou TA-1528.

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The battery take too long to be fully charged.

The Nokia G22 (64 GB memory size) take too long to be fully charged.I use provided wall charger and cable in product package

The problem started when Android operating system was upgraded from Android 12 to a Android 13 operating system. I believe there was a standard time up to 120-130 minutes for a charging period from 20% battery remaining percentage within Android 12 OS. Currently with Android 13 OS if the phone in ON position it would take up to 8 to 9 hours !!! to finish it. But if I put the phone in OFF position ( Power off the phone) the battery still become fully charged within 120-130 minutes from 20% remaining battery percentage. I have missed many incoming calls.

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I am having same issue. I've asked nokia and the proposed some solution (last one: soft reset) but it did not work. They told me that probably this issue will be solved on next update...


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@masoud5485 since this happened after an upgrade and this is a relatively new phone, it is most likely the upgrade that caused this. It is not uncommon to have issues like this after upgrades :-) First I would try to contact Nokia and find out if there are known compatibility issues with Android 13. Not Much of a repair here since this is a software driven issue.

If nothing else you could try to go back to Android 12. Check things like this video

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