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The Acer Aspire One D270-1865 was released in 2012 by Acer Inc. as apart of the Acer Aspire One series of netbooks.

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Can the internal wifi card be replaced with an SSD?

Looks like the internal wifi chip is mini-pcie of some sort. I'm wondering if I can put some sort of SSD in that slot and have it work, and if it would even be worth it to try. Is there a way to figure this out without just trying it manually?

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Hi @skywulf

Looking at images of an M.2 WLAN card for the laptop it has an E key (or slot) whereas PCIe SSDs are mostly M or B+M keyed, so an M.2 SSD card won't be able to be plugged directly into the socket.

Here's a link showing the different types of M.2 interfaces that may help

You could try using an M.2 A/E to M.2 M adapter (example only) and then insert an M.2 2230 NVMe SSD and check if that works. You can snap sections off from the adapter to suit the space available that's why I suggested an M.2 2230 as this would be near the size of the WLAN card.

Even if you found an appropriate SSD then it will only run at the slower speed due to there only being 2 PCIe bus lanes. Bit of a waste for an NVMe SSD. Also the BIOS may not be set up to do this either. You would need to check what settings are available if any.

If you did get it to work then no doubt if you still want WiFi you would need to use an external plug in USB WiFi dongle.

The easiest option to get extra storage if this is what the objective is, would be to insert the largest capacity SD card that you can afford or want into the laptop's card reader port and leave it there and configure it as the 2nd storage drive i.e. main HDD/SSD stores the OS and programs and the SD card stores all your data e.g. Documents, Pictures, Downloads folders etc are located on it

There are some advantages in doing it this way. Your personal data is easily accessible in case the sata HDD (or SSD) or PC fails for whatever reason and you didn't have a recent backup. Simply insert the card into another PC's card reader port. It is also unobtrusive as it sits flush with the body of the case.

The downsides are that you would have to remove it (unmount it) every time you wanted to insert another card e.g. SD card from a camera. Also as it is easily accessible this makes it less secure from being stolen if the laptop is left unattended for a short while in a public place e.g. library, but they would have to know that it was there in the first place. I won't tell if you don't ;-)

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It depends on what type of connector/slot you are using for internal wifi.

A traditional mini-pcie slot will have provisions for USB or PCI Express x1 interface.

A traditional M.2 slot will have similar provisions.

Depending on the make/model of your current wifi card it might use USB or PCI express.

If it is USB, the answer is no.

If it uses PCIE, then you have a chance.

If its Mini-Pcie, then its a Disk-on-Module, or DOM you want to buy.

If its M.2, then you can use a M2242 type of SSD.

Again, it all depends on what your research comes back with when you see the specs for your current wifi card.

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