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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du smartphone Android Nokia G22, sorti pour la première fois en mars 2023. Identifié par les numéros de modèle TA-1516 ou TA-1528.

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Getting Imei from the inside of the device


recently some of the G22 were affected by an corrupted ota update. The device ends up in a bootloop. to get it repaired you need to provide the EMEI number from the device. unfortunately the box is lost. but I hope the Imei is also printed inside the device somewhere.

Can you help me?

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bill is on the right track here in that there are other places to get the IMEI from beside the phone itself. I know that I can look up the devices on my Verizon family plan and view the IMEI number for each one if need be.

In addition, there's a site called that outlines how to get that same information from your Google account, which you have to have in order to use an Android phone. Here's the page I was looking at.

How to see the IMEI code in Nokia G22

Here's the relevant section.

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No, but maybe you can get it from your provider.

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