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Dryer turns on but trips breaker after replacing heating element

Model number MEDB765FW0

we replaced the thermal fuse and heating element because dryer wasn't blowing hot air anymore. now it will turn on and heat but after 30 seconds running it trips the circuit breaker on the electric panel. What could we have done wrong during our installation to cause this problem?

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Hi @deniseg480

Check that you haven't jammed any wires against the frame of the dryer, connecting the supply voltage directly to earth and tripping the breaker.

Looking at the wiring diagram on p.24 of the tech sheet, when the motor gets up to speed the centrifugal switch in the motor completes the power path for the heater circuit.

If you have a DMM (digtial multimeter), unplug the dryer from the power and then using the Ohmmeter function in the meter, connect the meter to one side of the thermal fuse or heater and the frame of the dryer (bright shiny metal point) and check if there's any resistance showing on meter. It should not indicate 0.00 Ohms i.e. a short circuit. Also make sure that the heater element itself is not short circuit as well.

Just what I'd try

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