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La Xbox Series X est la console de jeu 4K de nouvelle génération de Microsoft. La Xbox Series X est sortie en même temps que sa cousine, la console Xbox Series S, le 10 novembre 2020.

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What part of the xbox series x handles wireless controller connecdion?

what part of the xbox series x handles wireless controller and headset connection? My Xbox Series X keeps disconnecting my controllers and headsets. I've tried every single suggested fix I could find. The only thing I can think of now is putting a new part in it. I just don't know what the official part is or how to get it.

Would it be better to take it to a repair place? I don't have much money so I thought buying the part and repairing it myself might be better. Although I've never repaired one before.

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Sounds like your bluetooth chip died and need to be replaced.

It’s located on the Accessory Antenna Board.

Here is the guide to replace it: Changement carte Bluetooth/Wifi pour les accessoires Xbox Series X

It’s not that easy to replace it if you don’t have any experience yet. Please check out the guide, here you can determine if you are confident to replace it by yourself or bring it to a repair shop!

You could buy the part here:

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Awesome, thanks for the help! I'll get back to you when I have either fixed it myself or went to a repair place. I'll probably buy the part myself either way though 😆.


My pleasure :D! Alright, just let us know if you've fixed it or not (and when it's fixed). If you are going to repair it by yourself, good luck! No soldering is required, so this makes the repair somewhat easier :).


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