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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du Pixel 7 Pro de Google, sorti en octobre 2022. Identifiable aux numéros de modèle GP4BC et GE2AE.

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Is thermal paste acceptable for the midframe?

Hello all,

I bought a broken pixel 7 pro and replaced the battery, screen and earpiece speaker. Long story short the device was a mess... missing screws and there was dirt and grime inside the device??? I noticed the thermal pad in the midframe was in bad shape and i didn't have another thermal pad to replace it with so i used thermal paste....

The question is, is that acceptable or should I open this thing back up and put a thermal pad in there?

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Thermal pads are preferred as they are are dry and won't risk overruns/leaks in the long term which could short connectors.

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You have a good point about over runs, There is space between the midframe and the SOC, while its not big thermal paste can move around.

Sounds like i'm opening it up again just for peace of mind.....


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