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Drilled stripped screw in MacBook Pro with no success


I was trying to install a second hard drive in my macbook pro. The screw that holds the superdrive and the area with the airport and bluetooth connections that run to the monitor was stripped. I tried using a flathead, torx and every other sharp tool at my disposal to no avail. Someone at the apple store told me to use a dremel to remove the screw. I tried that and just ended up drilling the head of the screw off. I am not sure what to do now to remove the screw, let alone repair the area, as I know the apple store wont fix it.

Any ideas?

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If the head of the screw is gone, the drive should just lift off over the shaft. You can then use a pair of needle nosed pliers to grasp and turn the shaft to get it out.

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Agreed. Afterall, it's the same thing I'm going to do with my troubles when the "Dremel dude" gets back. This comment is to give you a +1, and remember that, if this really effective suggestion doesn't work, and it going to work, it's always possible using a drill with the smallest point availble and drill the center of the screw, that then will become frail and break under the nose pliers.


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