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Modèles A1237 ou A1304 / processeur 1.6, 1.8, 1.86 ou 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo

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new battery not charging after installation

I just installed a new battery for my macbook air (A1237) along with a new keyboard. Keyboard is fine, but the battery initially says "Not charging" then eventually transitions to "0%". I've ruled out bad charger (using charger from new macbook air) and I've reset the smc per Apple instructions ( Not sure if it's relevant, but it seems the wireless detects networks, but will not connect even though I know I have the right password. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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What OS are you using? 10.x?


it's 10.6.2.


I have seen cheap (e.g. Chinese) batteries that fail right out of the box.


FWIW I have a similar problem and not solved it... suddenly a known good battery (~,100 cycles) & charger will display the X in the menu bar, be AWL in System Profiler, but after a SMC or PRAM reset it works for a time or two and in System Profiler all is good. In order to boot the machine or do the SMC/PRAM resets I have to be connected to the magsafe.


The "fix" for removable batteries suggested by Apple is to reseat it. So try that... don't completely button up the laptop until its working.


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Download and run Coconut battery to get an idea of what is going on with your battery. Do a hardwire ethernet connection to your modem and do your system updates to 10.6.8. Let us know your results.

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Macbook Air AFAIK has no ethernet port...


Head - I think you're right on the ethernet port.


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