Version revisitée de l'iPhone 3G avec une vitesse de traitement plus élevée. La réparation de ce modèle est similaire à celle du 3G et nécessite de simples tournevis et des outils de levage. Modèle A1303 / capacité de 16 ou 32 Go / coque en plastique noir ou blanc.

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Dead Battery? How do I tell

My iPhone does not turn on even when I press both the Power and home buttons. But when I connect it to my computer and press the Power and Home buttons for a while it turns on to recovery mode. Nothing happens it just hangs there for a long while then goes off.. I need help.

The Battery was changed and it is working fine now.

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Thank you for your reply. I connected it to AC outlet and the iPhone came on and said "Activation required" and asked me to slide the slider to activate. When I did that, it came back to recovery mode and asked me to connect to iTunes. When I pulled it and connected it to iTunes on my PC it went dead again but it showed battery 100% charged. It keeps going through this cycle now. There is a change when I connected it to the AC outlet. It is still not working properly and any further help will be very much be appreciated.


Start with a new battery. Since the AC adapter does make a difference, it might resolve your issues.


The update on this my problem is that my iPhone 3GS is now connected to my PC in Recovery Mode. I installed Tinyumbrella to kick it out of Recovery Mode but everything is grayed out except SAVE SHSH and START TSS SERVER. Can someone help me here


John Umenwoke, just seen that you edited your question. Are you saying that the phone is now working?


Yes it started working properly after I changed the Battery. I thank you all for your support. Especially my friend Old Turkey you were very encouraging throughout this time I was in despair. You supported me to change the Battery as the begining of diagnostics for this case and that did the whole thing. Thank you again Old Turkey.



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Try charging your phone on an AC charger and see if that makes a difference. From the symptoms you are describing, I would most certainly start by replacing the battery. If nothing else it will provide you with a clear starting point for any further trouble shooting.

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