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iPod is locked and asked for combination and I never assigned one

When I try to turn on the iPod it shows a locked pad lock and asks for a pass code I never entered a passcode

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Can you hook it up to the computer it was set up on?


This is a duplicate question, please delete this and stick to the original one which has already been answered.


Can you link to he original?


The user's profile now only shows one question, I would assume she has since followed my advice and deleted one.


Hi purchased a iPod 3rd generation and has a lock on. It has songs on that I don’t want to loose can you suggest how I can reset the combination lock without loosing my songs please


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Apple says to hook it up to the computer it was setup on and use iTunes to reset it. If the drive is new to you, use iTunes to restore it. You will loose the software on the iPod if you restore it.

This is the Apple site to restore the iPod:

good luck

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