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In accord with iFixit's mission to teach everyone to fix every thing, iFixit’s EDU Team empowers students to change the world through innovative education programs like the iFixit Technical Writing Project.


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HP Photosmart D110a Power Button Replacement

If your power button is malfunctioning, this guide will explain possible ways...

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Blackberry Bold 9650 Trackpad Replacement

This guide explains how to replace the trackpad in your Blackberry Bold 9650.

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BLU Advance 4.0 Screen Replacement

This guide will teach you how to replace your BLU Advance 4.0's screen in the...

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Hair Dryer Heating Element Replacement

How to install a heating element for an electric hair dryer.

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HP Pavilion dv5000 Fan Replacement

Laptop computer fans collect dust and eventually break down. Replacing the...

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Black and Decker Pivot Plus PD600 Circuit Board Replacement

This guide describes how to replace the circuit board in a Black and Decker...

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Quasar Microwave Capacitor Replacement

This guide details the process for replacing the capacitor in a Quasar...

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HP Deskjet 1055 Scanner Glass Pane Replacement

If your scanner/copier glass breaks, follow these steps to replace.

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Sharper Image iPulse SI325 Motherboard Replacement

In this guide, you will find how to replace the motherboard of Sharper Image...

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PlayStation 3 Super Slim WiFi Antenna Replacement

This guide explains how to replace an internal antenna with an external...