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  1. 将PS4翻转使底面朝上。
    • 将PS4翻转使底面朝上。

  2. 撕开机器背面的四个标贴。 撕掉这些标贴将失去索尼官方保修。
    • 撕开机器背面的四个标贴。

    • 撕掉这些标贴将失去索尼官方保修。

  3. 卸下背部三颗9mm内凸梅花螺丝。
    • 卸下背部三颗9mm内凸梅花螺丝。

  4. 向上抬起前侧的部分,然后向后滑动以卸下底板。
    • 向上抬起前侧的部分,然后向后滑动以卸下底板。

  5. 卸下三颗9mm T9梅花螺丝。
    • 卸下三颗9mm T9梅花螺丝。

    • 卸下两颗4cm 飞利浦头 #1螺丝。

  6. 向上笔直地抬起电源供应组件。
    • 向上笔直地抬起电源供应组件。

  7. 拔下电源供应至主板的5线插头。 现在可以完全卸下电源供应组件。
    • 拔下电源供应至主板的5线插头。

    • 现在可以完全卸下电源供应组件。

  8. 向下按压金属释放条并轻轻拉出扁平线缆。这不需要用很大力。
    • 向下按压金属释放条并轻轻拉出扁平线缆。这不需要用很大力。

  9. 从主板上拔下另一端;请注意一定要按下金属释放条并轻轻地拉出扁平线缆。
    • 从主板上拔下另一端;请注意一定要按下金属释放条并轻轻地拉出扁平线缆。

  10. 卸下连接到主板的wifi线缆。
    • 卸下连接到主板的wifi线缆。

  11. 从主板笔直拔出光驱的四线插头。
    • 从主板笔直拔出光驱的四线插头。

  12. 卸下四颗固定wifi模块和光驱的9mm梅花T9螺丝。
    • 卸下四颗固定wifi模块和光驱的9mm梅花T9螺丝。

    • 卸下5mm Phillips head #1螺丝。

  13. 抬起并卸下wifi模块。
    • 抬起并卸下wifi模块。

  14. 现在就可以笔直地抬起光驱了。
    • 现在就可以笔直地抬起光驱了。

    • 请注意光驱是与其主板结了婚的配对的。如果你需要更换光驱,则必须连同原始光驱一同装到你要更换的PS4上。



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66 commentaires

This was a great help after my 2 yr old put a coin in my PS4. However when following the steps backwards I got to step 7 which says 'Remove the 5 wire plug attached from the power supply to the motherboard' & couldn't see how to reattach it. I then noticed it looks like I've pulled the whole plastic white casing/plug holder (within the orange rectangle) off the mobo rather than just the plug from the casing. Although the pic looks like the plastic casing does come off the mobo as it's at an angle (maybe why I pulled the whole thing out or maybe I did it right).

I'm thinking I've made a mistake is because now I cant see anywhere that I can 'plug' the 5 L shaped wires on the bottom of the plastic casing back onto the mobo. Plus where they used to be attached there's now 5 tiny silver rectangles on the mobo (2 opposite 3), so I guess these 5 wires were some how adhered to those mobo rectangles by a conductive adhesive of some sort.

Any suggestion for the best repair method would be appreciated.


doc browejnn - Réponse

If you've pulled the female end from the motherboard the it need to be resoldered to the board, most likely gonna need to pull the motherboard. It's a very simple connector, sounds as if you yanked the whole thing off.

lynx2069 -

Is anyone there who try to change the optical drive without change the Motherboard in the same time ? And does it run ?

Thanks for your help.

Frederic Morelli - Réponse

How about a guide for replacing just the laser unit instead of the whole drive?

david.walker52 -

I changed the drive with its motherboard, when I want to update the system, an error message appears:

CE-42116-8 .

rafat abulaeth -

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