Suffering from a rapidly waning, or non-existent, battery life? Use this guide to replace the battery in your Motorola Moto X. If your battery is swollen, take appropriate precautions.

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  1. Insert the SIM card eject tool into the hole in the side of the SIM card tray and push to eject the tray.
    • Insert the SIM card eject tool into the hole in the side of the SIM card tray and push to eject the tray.

    • Remove the SIM card tray.

    • If the SIM card does not fall free from the tray on its own, simply remove it with your fingers.

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  2. In the following steps you will be releasing the clips holding the phone's cases together. However, the back case is also secured with an adhesive pad. After separating the clips you will use an iOpener to allow the case to fully open. Do not attempt to fully open the phone before loosening the adhesive.
    • In the following steps you will be releasing the clips holding the phone's cases together. However, the back case is also secured with an adhesive pad. After separating the clips you will use an iOpener to allow the case to fully open. Do not attempt to fully open the phone before loosening the adhesive.

    • Insert a plastic opening tool into the seam between the front and rear covers near the SIM card slot.

    • Slide the plastic opening tool along the seam toward the upper corner.

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    • Carefully slide the plastic opening tool around the corner, freeing it from clips.

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    • Pry around the top right corner of the phone between the two covers.

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    • Run the opening tool along the seam around all four sides, separating the remaining clips holding the cover on.

    • The plastic on the front cover is thinner near the buttons, and the buttons may move around. Go slowly to avoid damaging the buttons or the front cover.

    • Do not push the opening tool deep into phone, or you may damage internal components.

    Be *very* careful not to push the opening tool too deep when you go around the buttons! I accidentally broke the volume rocker ribbon by doing so, and didn't even realize it until I had completely removed the cover.

    Simeon Simeonides - Réponse

    When i removed the volume rocker i cant get it back in correctly seems to be in right but the volume up is not clicking and only works if i push it really hard any ideas?

    Alf stevens - Réponse

    • Heat an iOpener and lay it over the phone for approximately 90 seconds to loosen the adhesive securing the back cover.

    There is NO GLUE holding on the back of a Moto X with a wood back! That little fact just made the extra $50 I spent on the phone totally worthwhile.

    Doug Larrick - Réponse

    Lucky for you, I have the bamboo, and plenty of adhesive.

    Kelly F -

    • Starting from the SIM slot side, carefully peel the back cover off of the phone.

    • The back cover is very flexible, but you don't want to damage any internal components by being too hasty.

    • There is a chance that the NFC coil may remain stubbornly adhered to the back cover. If that's the case, stop peeling the cover and reapply a heated iOpener to the back cover.

    • Do not separate the back cover entirely; it is still connected to the phone by the camera flash cable.

      • The flash cable is attached on the power/volume button side of the phone.

    Step 15 seemed to be the hardest part for me. (step 25, the battery was also difficult). I am now not a fan of sticky stuff, "Mild adhesive" is definitely an understatement, IMHO, just saying I don't like sticky stuff, maybe I didn't do it right. The iOpener seemed to help a little, but not much.


    BE CAREFUL with the NFC antenna, it says "X8 Mobile Computing System" on it. The adhesive seemed stick to the the blue stuff on the back cover more and loosen up on the bottom of the antenna, the part that sticks to the battery. So in the process of peeling the back cover the antenna started to come up and was torn at the connector strip before I realized what was happening, step 19 has a good picture of the connector strip that I'm talking about. I like using NFC once in awhile, so now my next FIX will be the antenna.

    Overall instructions were GREAT, I now have a camera again. Thank you.

    Patrick - Réponse

    So you are saying that there is no problem if I don't connect the NFC antenna? I'm asking this because I bought a replacement battery that don't include the NFC antenna. I would really appreciate your help with this :)

    jspsaucedo -

    The adhesive was crazy hard on mine as well and I ended up with two small cracks on the edges of my back cover. The blue rubber piece actually separated from the back and removed it from the battery after it was open. The battery itself was also very difficult to remove (pull tab did nothing) and bent/pried the old battery out. I see no reason for all that adhesive! Other than getting the dang thing open the rest was easy. Great guide!

    Darrell Jividen - Réponse

    The adhesive holding the back very strong! In the process of removing the back, I cracked the edges of the back cover and ripped part of the NFC connector. Luckily the friend I was doing the repair for did not even know what NFC was, so she was ok with this. Take your time removing the back cover! Also, the adhesive holding the battery in place was not what I would call mild. The black tab was next to useless in removing the battery

    Danny Smandych - Réponse

    So you are saying that there is no problem if I don't connect the NFC antenna? I'm asking this because I bought a replacement battery that don't include the NFC antenna.

    jspsaucedo -

    Thank you for the guide !!! comments were really useful too. Read them.

    fabajaja - Réponse

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    • Gently set the back cover down in a way that exposes the camera flash cable connector, but does not put strain on it.

    As I had seen in another video, my Moto X with a custom back did not have the blue sticky pad. But the back was still well-adhered in the top corners and with a strip of adhesive along the bottom. In the photo in this step you can see the only adhesive I had to deal with, which was on either side of the lens (two dark areas on the phone back) and along the bottom of the phone (dark area at the bottom of the phone back).

    pdisc1 - Réponse

    • Use the tip of a spudger to flip up the retaining flap on the flash cable ZIF connector.

    • Be sure to pry only on the flap itself, not on the connector.

    • Pull the flash cable straight out of its socket.

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    • Separate the back cover from the phone.

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    • Remove the four 3 mm T3 Torx screws securing the lower antenna assembly to the phone.

    It turns out to be the hardest step at the moment. I ordered iOpener set, and it is almost useless. It doesn't have t3, only t5, the actual iOpener is useless. I would happily order t3 on, but there is no t3 in Germany, so I ordered on amazon, and it turned out to be a complete $@$*, I was not able to take a single screw out. The guide is really good, I never thought I would have an issue with a screwdriver ....

    Igor Gaidaichuk - Réponse

    These screws were definitely incompatible with my T3 bit - it was too small. T4 worked fine. Not sure if I should attribute this to an error in the guide or inconsistency in the size of my bit set; in any case it might be handy to have a T4 handy if you're not buying the iFixit screwdriver.

    Christian Hinton - Réponse

    Stripped two of four T3 screws almost instantly and with very little force. Be careful! If I can't carve a flat slot into the screw heads I guess I'll have to abort the project or deliberately crack the antenna assembly plastic or try to drill the screw heads to proceed.

    pdisc1 - Réponse

    Drilled out the heads. A bit scary, yes. I agree with another commenter here that my T3 isn't the best fit in these screws. My T3 was a pretty cheap eBay acquisition, so who knows where the blame should go. I wouldn't do this repair again. Phones should be easier to break open than this one. Too much adhesive (and as I mentioned above, mine didn't even have the blue adhesive pad) and T3 heads are super small and asking to be stripped and the two screws I did get out were way too tight. Oh, and also the potential butchering of the cover when prying loose the clips. Mine bent a bit around the headphone jack, but it smoothed back down and is not noticeable. Phone powered up and is charging now. Let's hope it was worth it.

    pdisc1 - Réponse

    On my phone, the screws were DEFINITELY T4. My advise? Try T4 first. If it's too big, nothing lost.

    I nearly stripped the head on one of mine with my T3 bit because it was too small to get traction.

    Larry Smith - Réponse

    Where to buy battery...and price of battery?

    D Rock - Réponse

    I use chinese version of T3 screwdriver shipped with screen and T3/T4/T5 version of MATRIX tool set - both didnt fit for Moto X 1st gen screws. Only Bernstain T3 6-658 screwdriver fits ideally! Spent 2 days to find this tool. Be aware.

    Anton Prilepsky - Réponse

    I was able to do this step by grinding down a cheap T3 that I had laying around from another repair. Like others, I found that these screws seem larger than a T3 - stripped one and had to drill it out. Since the T3 screwdriver I had was tapered, I ground it down until the end was large enough to grip the remaining screws. Success!

    Bob Flens - Réponse

    • Use the flat end of a spudger to pry up the lower antenna assembly and free it from the phone.

    • Remove the antenna assembly.

    See that little circular rubber near the bottom right screw? This funnels the background noise to one of the noise canceling microphones. It will be destroyed when you take it off. Freaked me out when I first opened up mine.

    Adrian Koch - Réponse

    This foam "funnel" required re-forming of the center hole (also check hole in back cover foam gasket). If this sound channel gets blocked, the noise canceling will not function properly. Before re-installing the lower antenna assembly, check the oblong 2-hole gasket on the back side of the antenna assembly which covers a sound channel to the offset microphone input hole. If deformed, gently reshape it with tweezers to assure both holes are not plugged.

    ktmorimoto - Réponse

    my antenna going away after change battery

    found networks but not registered , factory reset ,

    please help me

    NM Mahboob Mojaz (AHMN) - Réponse

    • Insert the tip of a spudger under the battery cable near the connector to lift it straight up from its socket.

    • Use the flat end of a spudger to disconnect the NFC antenna cable connector.

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    • Use the tip of a spudger to flip up the ZIF retaining flap from the button assembly cable connector.

    • Slide the tip of the spudger under the button assembly cable near the connector to pull the cable straight out of its socket.

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    • Insert the flat end of a spudger under the interconnect cable to free it from the adhesive holding it to the battery.

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    • Use the flat end of a spudger to peel the adhesive pull-tab off the top of battery.

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    • Use the adhesive pull-tab to lift the battery from its recess.

    • The battery is secured to the motherboard with mild adhesive. Peel slowly, and be careful not to bend or puncture the battery.

    • Remove the battery from the phone.

    • When reassembling your phone secure the battery with double-sided tape or pre-cut adhesive strips.

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    • Proceed only if you want to transfer the NFC antenna from the old battery to the new battery.

      • If you choose not to, or if you damage the coil, your phone will work without it, but lose its NFC capabilities.

    • Apply a heated iOpener to the NFC antenna for 90 seconds.

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    • Insert an opening pick under one of the corners of the NFC antenna and slowly slide it along the edge to cut through the black adhesive.

      • While it is not imperative to keep the black adhesive layer intact, try to cut underneath it so that it comes off in one piece.

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    • Continue using the opening pick to cut around the NFC antenna, loosening the remaining black adhesive.

      • The NFC antenna should still function normally as long as the plastic layer is not ripped.

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    • Remove the NFC antenna from the old battery.

    • Use pre-cut double sided tape or Tesa tape to reattach the NFC coil to the replacement battery.

      • Before installing the NFC antenna, install the replacement battery and plug in the NFC antenna, to make sure that the antenna is properly aligned.

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Compare your new replacement part to the original part. You may need to transfer remaining components or remove adhesive backings from the new part before installing.

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

Take your e-waste to an R2 or e-Stewards certified recycler.

Repair didn’t go as planned? Check out our Motorola Moto X Answers community for troubleshooting help.

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Cool but where to buy the spare battery?


Roman Senkyr - Réponse

Nice, detailed guide. In fact so detailed, I do not trust myself making this repair. Does anyone offer this as a service (for a fee)?

thenikonknight - Réponse

OEM is the Motorola EX34, all over Ebay for $12-20

Jeff - Réponse

This doesn't address the antenna stuck on (but separate) from the battery. It's easy enough to see in the pictures, but it doesn't come off easily in one piece. I think mine still works, but definitely needs addressing.

Kim Schaffer - Réponse

Yes - getting the antenna off is a bear. I - well, my cell-phone guy - didn't bother because I don't use NFC for anything, so I hope that was okay!

Jessica Montena - Réponse

Thanks for the guide...I'm wondering how to re-attach the back cover? Did you warm up the adhesive with the iOpener before snapping it back on?

greentree8 - Réponse

I didn't need to heat up my phone to remove the back cover. There was some adhesive but nothing ridiculous. For those that are wondering, your phone will work fine without the NFC antenna (assuming you don't want to use NFC) that is affixed to the battery.

Mike - Réponse

I had a hard time with the adhesive on the back. I had to heat it more than specified and use the spudger to slowly separate the layers.

ike9898 - Réponse

Hi i was wondering if anyone could answer me am i able to use the X1058 batter on a moto x thats X1060

Dylan Mendoza - Réponse

I was unable to remove the back cover without causing small cracks.

The iOpener sort of worked but I ended up using a mini hair dryer I had, directing the airflow inside the phone to open it.

If you are not very near sighted, don't try this without a magnifier stand.

A suction cup came in the iFixit kit. The proper use of it should be shown in the instructions. There were a few other parts that came in the kit but I did not use, but later realized they might be helpful. The instructions should show their use.

iFixit might consider selling for say $5 a glossy paper copy of the instructions.

The battery in my phone has Revision B printed on it. The battery I bought of eBay had Revision A on it. iFixit should let readers know what the difference is if any. The battery I got had an antenna and some other parts on it. In general iFixit should give better battery selection and purchase advice.

GX5E - Réponse

Performed the battery replacement tonight. Took a risk removing the back cover without applying heat ... the adhesive came loose with a little patience (although I did end up with a small crack to the side of the back cover ... shouldn't be a problem since I use the phone with a case anyway).

Thank you iFixit for this guide including the great photos!

jdaun - Réponse

Thank you!!!!!!!

chriserea - Réponse

My battery is starting to discharge faster lately, which is over two years old. But looking at this guide and trying to change a broken screen on a moto x once before this is not for the unskilled, butter fingers, etc. I also found out the glass screen is glued to the display so essentially its non serviceable . Then there is the annoying problem of the phone dropping the wifi (no other device in the house has this problem). I tried several corrections found on the internet, nothing has worked. BUY ANOTHER PHONE.

sr71habu - Réponse

I absolutely could not get the four T3 screws to come out. They stripped almost immediately so i had to drill the heads of the screws. Thankfully the phone still worked. Put a little dab of super glue in place of the screws.

Our Junk Mail - Réponse

I just made the change, but the battery improvement is little. Is it necessary to make a factory reset?

Domingo Echenique - Réponse

Ok, I'm a female, non-electrical type. I followed this guide from start to finish, step by step. It was very well photographed! I was able to complete this repair, plugged in and voila! Phone works!!! Thank you for this amazing guide. It was the first time I attempted anything like this and just going slow and steady was great! The most important thing are your tools. Thank goodness for Fry's as the cheapo Amazon kit I got didn't quite cut it. That T3 torx screwdriver saved my life...Just goes to show, a little patience, a little know-how and you are good to go! Thanks!

Wendi Rosenblatt - Réponse

Awesome job, Wendi! You're a champ! Keep up the good work! =)

Sam Lionheart -

Thank you - this is a very helpful guide! The text is clear and many of the steps have a series of photos that clearly communicate what to attend to, how to start, and what it looks like when you are doing the process correctly. I haven't done this kind of repair before so it took a little while to gather the information, materials, and courage, but once I started it only took 30 minutes and everything works great.

this is it - Réponse

That was a really easy fix. One of the four screws absolutely refused to budge so I heated it with a soldering iron while lifting the plastic cover.

Cole Morris - Réponse

Can you just use a small screw driver from an eyeglass repair kit?

Joseph - Réponse

The best part is get to use a word that would have probably have gotten you kicked out of school: "spudger".

perez - Réponse

Wonderful guide. I was able to replace the battery in 20 minutes... Having the detailed guide gives you the knowledge needed to do the job quickly and easily.

I bought my battery form a 3rd party vendor on Amazon for about $20. It appears to be a factory battery (has the same labeling as the original battery).

paulmartellock - Réponse

Is it ok to place the sim card on the magnetic mat? I noticed that in the video Gwendolyn (sp?) set the sim card right on the magnetic mat right after she took it out. I'm afraid to do that with mine. Does anyone know for sure if that would mess the sim card up?

Damon - Réponse

You should be safe! The magnetic project mat is strong enough to hold tiny screws, but not strong enough to wipe data from a SIM card. But you can always place the card elsewhere, just don't lose it!

Sam Lionheart -

I had no idea I was ripping the NFC connector was being destroyed as I pried the cover off. Hard to hold the phone for this repair. Suction cup could be very helpful.

David Karr - Réponse

the batteries that are for sale dont look the same as my battery, how would I know for sure I am getting the right battery?

David Hur - Réponse

Excellent guide ! Thank you!!! This old back cover was a tad brittle, but nothing that can be fixed.

michaeldurek - Réponse

Thanks for the pain taking time you took to carefully explain this gruesome process. Please keep up the good work. What it means is that once the battery is dead, it is time to replace the entire phone with a new one.

captainchukwuka - Réponse

These instructions are very clear. However despite being very careful, I quickly got two small cracks in the back cover while attempting to remove it using the tool provided. The back cover seemed very brittle. I discontinued the removal and ordered two replacement backs to ensure I will have an intact one to install over the new battery.

Jim Braddick - Réponse

Thanks for the guide. To loosen the adhesive on the back cover, I used a damp cloth heated in the microwave, and then placed in a plastic zip lock bag as my DIY IOpener. Ended up having two of the antenna assembly torx screws heads strip on me. Had to use my Dremel to notch a groove in one. Was then able to get it out with a small flat head screw driver. The other screw I ended up grinding the head off. Put everything back together (with only 3 torx screws holding the antenna assembly), and the phone is working great.

roan horning - Réponse

Excellent instructions and video. Makes it look simple. But I have been dreading this for months. 4 year old Moto, treated very gently. Back is cracked at least a dozen places all around edge and simply would not come off without prying and chiselling (?) off the glue. Perhaps because I live in Phoenix, the “heat sensitive glue” almost would NOT release the battery. Also, new battery didn’t have any, so is in there “loose” with traces of the old glue. It snapped right back together, and all phone functions worked fine. Will buy a new back though, all that cracking is unsightly.

dsgnstr - Réponse

I’m happy after refurbishing my precious Moto X. If you take this on, make sure to have a Torx T3 driver— don’t attempt to use a T4. Also you will definitely crack the back cover when removing it (especially given the plastic is 5 years old now). I strongly recommend buying a replacement back cover in advance. The new OEM cover I found cost less that 10 USD and had integrated adhesive stickers and flash assembly.

John Belmonte - Réponse

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