Disk does not load ¶ 

Disk not seated properly ¶ 

If the disk is not seated properly in the drive, it will be unable to be read. To fix this, try ejecting the disk and carefully reinserting it.

Corrupted disk ¶ 

The disk being used may be damaged either by a scratch or by demagnetizing. Try another disk to ensure the drive is working properly.

Magnetic reader dirty ¶ 

If another disk also fails to read, try cleaning the magnetic reader to ensure proper functioning. To access the magnetic reader remove the computer cover and the cage surrounding the disk drive.

Floppy drive damaged ¶ 

After attempting all of the above, it is possible that the floppy drive is broken and will have to be replaced. For instructions on replacing the drive click here.

Will not turn on ¶ 

Problems with power cord ¶ 

First check that the power switch is in the on position. Ensure that the power cord has not been knocked loose of an outlet or the back of the computer. Check to see if the cord is working and undamaged by trying a different cord with the same voltage rating.

Bad switch/power input ¶ 

If the computer still does not turn on, either the switch or the input needs to be reattached or replaced. It is possible that the soldered connection from the switch has broken and this could cause a malfunction.

Faulty power converter ¶ 

If the power converter is not working it will keep the computer from turning on. The easiest way to fix it is to replace it with a working converter. To replace the power converter, just follow the instructions in this guide

Volume does not work ¶ 

Volume turned off ¶ 

First check that the volume knob is not turned to zero. If it is, turn the knob clockwise, and you should start to hear it now.

Broken speaker ¶ 

If the volume knob is turned on and you still cannot hear sound, it is possible the speaker is broken or not connected properly. This will require you to disassemble the computer so you can install a new speaker.

Keyboard is not working ¶ 

Keyboard button not on ¶ 

First, check the top left side corner for the key that is labeled "keyboard" and press it. This is a lock to prevent accidental key presses. Make sure you hear a click when you push it in. Try typing and see if it works. If not, you may have to replace the keyboard.

Computer not running properly ¶ 

Chips not seated properly/going bad ¶ 

If a chip has failed or become unseated from its socket the computer will not work, because these chips are what perform the vital functions of the computer. This is easily remedied by removing and then replacing the chips to ensure that they have good connections with their sockets. Don't worry; we have a guide to show you how!

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