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Black and Decker LDX 120C Troubleshooting

Unit won't start

The battery is fully charged and when I try to use the drill it is not functioning at all.

Battery is dead

The battery might not be functioning anymore, if the battery doesn’t provide enough charge the drill will not be able to function. So you will want to replace the battery.

Connection problem

If the wiring connection between the battery and the chuck is lose or not connected properly then the drill won’t function. So you will want to check on the wiring connection to make sure nothing is lose.

Dirt buildup

If the drill has a lot of dirt or stuff that accumulated in the chuck it might be jamming the drill and clogging the rotation. Make sure you clean the residue inside the drill.

Jammed motor

If the motor is not functioning it might be because of multiple reasons. Some of the components might be broken, and you will want to replace these components. It might be because of loose connection; fix the wiring. Battery might be weak so the motor doesn’t function; change the battery. Follow our Motor Replacement Guide

Battery won't charge

No matter what I do the battery is not charging

Defective charger cable

The charger might not be charging properly, so check on the charger or just try a different charger.

Battery no longer effective

If the battery has reached its life span it will not be powerful enough to supply the charge the drill needs. It will be best to change and get a new battery.

Air temperature too hot or too cold

If the drill overheats because of over use then it is best to let it cool down and disconnect the battery and then use it again. If it’s too cold then change the environment where you are using the drill.

Charger isn’t plugged in

The charger might not be plugged in completely so not enough electricity is flowing to charge the battery, so make sure the charger is plugged in correctly.

Unit shuts off abruptly

While using the drill it just completely shuts off and doesn’t work anymore.

Battery pack is too hot

After long use the battery might overheat which would shut of the power provided the drill. So let the drill cool off and then use it again.

The battery is not charged

After long use the battery might run out of power because it wasn’t charged well enough. So make sure the battery is fully charged and functional.

The motor is blocked

The motor might get blocked or jammed because of some component that got broken or loose, or the grease might have dried out, so make sure you open the drill up and check for the motor components. You can use our Motor Replacement Guide.

The chuck is wedged

The gears in the chuck might wear down after long use or it might just be stuck, so you will want to see our Chuck Replacement Guide.

Noisy motor

The drill won’t turn on even after long hours of charging the battery

Broken components

Some components in the motor might be loose or broken completely, so you can follow up on how to do this using our Motor Replacement Guide.

Jammed motor

The motor might be jammed because of multiple reasons, the motor is weak and you will need to replace it. Some of the components in the motor is stuck and you can follow our Motor Replacement Guide.

Loose chuck

The chuck isn’t working as effectively as it used to. The gear gets stuck, it gets loose easily, and gets jammed wile using it

Planet gear problem

If one of the gears is loose or broken, then that might cause the entire system to fail and the chuck will not operate effectively anymore. Get your tool kit ready because you’re going to need it for the Gear Replacement Guide.

Connection failure

If there is a connection problem from the battery, then the motor is not receiving any power to operate the chuck, so check on the connections.

Burnt Light

The light will not turn on while using the drill.

Connection failure

The connection from the battery to the light might be loose or disconnected. See our Light Replacement Guide.

Burnt light bulb

The light bulb might be burnt so you will want to change the bulb using our Light Replacement Guide

Hi, my black and decker machine, model ldx120 is not looks like the power supply is there for the led but the motor won't respond..

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