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NOMAD II is Frozen

Your NOMAD II Media Player will not respond to any of the buttons.

Lock is active

Check if the lock is activated by looking at the top left corner of the screen for a lock icon, or by looking at the lock/unlock button’s position on the upper left side of the device. If the button is slid down, the NOMAD II Media Player is locked. To unlock the device, slide the lock button up. If the unlock/lock button is broken, you can install a new one.

System has crashed

If the lock is not activated and your NOMAD II still does not respond to any of the buttons, the system may have crashed. Restarting the NOMAD II can fix this problem. First turn the device off by pressing and holding the stop button down for longer than a second. Then, turn it back on by pressing and holding the play button until the main menu appears.

NOMAD II will not turn on

Your NOMAD II Media Player will not turn on.

Dead battery

If the battery is dead, the NOMAD II will not turn on. Every NOMAD II Media Player is powered by one AA battery. Only AA NiMH batteries can be recharged by the CREATIVE NOMAD II Docking Station and AC adapter. If the battery is not rechargeable, then simply replace the dead one with a new one.

Broken screen

If the screen is broken, the NOMAD II will not appear turned on. To test this, check that the device is unlocked, then hold down the play button and plug it into your computer using a USB cable. If the computer recognizes your NOMAD II but nothing appears on the screen, then the screen is broken and should be replaced.

The audio coming out of my NOMAD II is not what I expect

The music my NOMAD II plays sounds horrible.

Bad MP3 files

If your music is distorted, the MP3 files stored on the SmartMedia memory card may be bad. You should re-download the files onto the memory card. If the files sound bad on your computer, then your only choice is to recreate the MP3 files. You should try ripping the song files again at a higher quality, meaning at a constant bit rate higher than 192kbps or at level V0 for a variable bit rate. The SmartMedia memory card itself could be bad. To install a new SmartMedia card go here.

Incorrect equalizer settings

If your music sounds good on the computer but bad on the CREATIVE NOMAD II, the equalizer settings may be wrong on the player. Equalizer settings are set on the device to make your music sound as good as possible. Sometimes certain frequencies are boosted too much. When this happens music sounds distorted. You can change equalizer settings by pressing the DSP button, located on the player’s right side, repeatedly until you have found an appropriate setting. There are six equalizer options: normal, user, pop, rock, classic, and jazz.

Wrong treble and bass levels

If changing the equalizer setting does not improve audio quality enough, you can try manually adjusting the bass and treble levels. Bass refers to the low frequencies (wuuub buhh buhh) and treble refers to the high frequencies (tick tick tssssss). To change bass and treble levels, you first have to set your player to the user equalizer setting. Then use the forward and reverse buttons to select treble or bass. Increase or decrease their levels using the volume buttons.

Headphones are not working

The audio playing from the NOMAD II might also be distorted if your headphones are malfunctioning. Check your headphones by listening to the music through a new pair. If the audio still sounds distorted the issue most likely is being caused by a problem with the headphone jack, which can be replaced.

FM radio is not working

If the FM radio sounds bad or is not working at all, it is most likely due to poor radio signal. Be sure that you use the FM radio in areas with good reception. If you are in a location with good reception, (car radio works but Nomad II radio doesn't work) you may have a loose antenna. Open up the device and check the solder joints for the radio antenna. If they are loose, black, or otherwise not looking like all the other good solder joints, you will need to re-solder it.

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