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Canon Selphy CP720 Troubleshooting

Released 2001, Selphy CP720 Portable Photo Printer is on the front label.

Blank Screen

The screen doesn't display any information

No Power

If there is no power, the screen will be dark and blank. If the power cable is not plugged in all the way, the machine will not turn on. Check to make sure that the printer is plugged in or has battery power. If the power light is not on, then power is not getting into the printer, and the power adapter or battery may be faulty and must be replaced. The easiest way to do this may be a whole sale replacment of the circuitry of the printer, demonstrated here: Circuit Board Replacement

Defective Screen

If the power light is lit and the screen is just white or black, then power is getting into the device but the light may be out. If the screen is dark, it may be faulty and require replacement. Screen Replacement If the screen is lit and blank, there is a software problem, which can be fixed by hooking up a computer and doing a complex software repair, but it may be more expedient to replace the hardware that the software is stored on. Circuit Board Replacement

Won’t print despite full ink

The ink cassette has enough ink, but printing will not progress

Empty Paper Cassette

If the paper cassette is empty, the printer will not print. Make sure that the paper cassette is loaded. Paper Cassette Replacement

Inactive Printer

If the screen is dark and the printer wont print, ensure that the printer has completed its boot process by holding down the power button for three seconds or until the printer turns on.

Low Ink

The ink may be low despite indicators to the contrary. If the ink cassette is approaching empty, the printer will not print. To fix this, see the guide here: Ink Cassette Replacement and Jam Repair

High Temperature

With heavy use or if the fan is not working properly, the printer can over heat. If the temperature of the printer is too high, it may automatically stop itself from working until temperature falls to a safe level. Check to determine if the printer is warm to the touch. If so, let the printer cool. If this happens with only moderate use, the fan may need to be replaced. Cooling Fan Replacement

Disconnected Image Source

If the device is not connected to the source of the image to be printed, it will not print.

Power won’t come on

When the power button is pressed, the device will not turn on.

Disconnected power cable

If the printer is running on external power, it will not function if the cable is not completely inserted. Ensure that the cable is firmly inserted into both the printer and the outlet.

Incomplete boot

If no lights are on or the preview screen is dark, hold down the power button for three seconds or until the power comes on.

Low Battery

If an external additional battery is used, it may run low on power. The printer may not print if there isn't enough power in the battery. Locate the battery charge indicator. If the battery has one bar or less indicated, plug it in to charge before printing.

Cassette won’t come out

Ink or paper cassettes won't eject when released

Stuck ink cassette

If the orange plastic retainer is depressed and the cassette will not come out with gentle tugging, the cassette may be stuck on an internal piece. A fix for which is here: Ink Cassette Jam Fix and Replacement

Stuck paper cassette

To much paper may cause excessive jamming. Only place 18 or fewer sheets in the cassette, 12 or fewer for the wide format paper. Paper Cassette Replacement

Mac and iPhone won’t connect

Apple brand devices won't connect to the printer.

Unconnected Apple device

If the device is networked, especially with devices with mixed operating systems, Apple products often will not connect or otherwise work with the printer without third party software. One solution is to download Gutenprint drivers from Printer Drivers

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