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Sony CLIÉ Not Turning On, Power dies Quickly

  • Bad charger
  • Broken screen

Not Running Operating System

  • No power
  • Bad keypad/buttons
  • Broken screen

Memory stick not recognized

  • Bad memory stick
  • Loose connection

Volume control not working

  • Fixed volume in settings
  • On silent/vibrate
  • Bad operating system

Swivel is loose

Screen not working

  • No power
  • Bad operating system

Sony CLIÉ Not Turning On, Power Dies Quickly

Sony CLIÉ will not turn on or won't hold a charge.

Bad Charger

Double check to make sure the device and charger are properly connected. Verify that the wall outlet in outputting power to the charger. Try moving the charger to different outlets to make sure the charger is not malfunctioning. Check the charger ports and confirm that no debris is in lodged within.

Broken Screen

Check to see if power light is lit up. If light is on, and nothing is displaying on the screen, the problem is most likely the screen, [lien de tutoriel non valide]

Not Running Operating System

The Operating System is not responding after power-up or to button inputs.

No Power

Verify that the device power is on.

Bad Keypad/Buttons

If you are pressing buttons and the system is not responding, you may need to replace to corresponding keypad or buttons.

Broken Screen

[||See above]

Memory Stick Not Recognized

Sony CLIÉ is not reading or recognizing from the memory stick.

Bad Memory Stick

Confirm that Memory Stick is functional. You can do this by plugging it into a different working device or your computer.

Loose Connection

If you have already confirmed that your memory stick is not malfunctioning, then the connection may be loose. Try removing and then reinserting the memory card in its proper slot. Check for any sort of debris lodged in the memory card slot; if there are debris, remove it. If memory stick is still not recognized, you may need to replace your memory module. [lien de tutoriel non valide].

Volume Control not working

Fixed Volume

Verify that the volume settings for the device are not fixed and are changeable. If the device has a silent/vibrate setting confirm that it is off and the volume is turned on.

Bad Operating System

If the power light is on but the controls are not working then the problem may be the operating system. In this case you need to install a new motherboard. Learn how to at .

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