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HP Pavilion Beats Special Edition 15-p390nr Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting guide for the HP Beats Special Edition 15-p390nr Notebook.

Computers Battery Life is Short

The battery doesn’t last long

Old Battery

Replace the old battery with a newer one. See HP Beats Special Edition 15-p390nr Battery Replacement

Charging Cord Isn’t Fully Plugged In

Check to make sure that the cord is pushed in all the way into the charging box and into the computer itself. Then check to make sure that the cord is plugged into a working outlet. After checking that everything is pushed and plugged in, press the on button.

Device is Overheating

System gets really hot and powers itself off

Overworking CPU (processor)

Laptops can overheat if you are running programs that require a lot of power. Deleting games and checking autorun files can help your computer run at lower temperatures. If this doesn't help you may have to replace your CPU.

Dust in Fans

Blockage in the cooling system can cause this device to overheat. To fix this, use an air duster and blow dust away from fans and vents. If fans are damaged, they will need to be replaced. See HP Beats Special Edition 15-p390nr Fan Replacement

WiFi Not Working

WiFi running slow or turning off randomly.

WiFi Running Slow

If your WiFi connection is weak or running slow, check your internet router for obstructions. Restart your router and reconnect to your network. If it is still running slow, you may need to update your WiFi adapter driver or restore it to factory settings.

WiFi Turns On and Off

After trying to update or restore your WiFi driver and symptoms recur, your WiFi card may need to be replaced or repositioned. See HP Beats Special Edition 15-p390nr WiFi Card Replacement

Damaged Screen

There are black lines all over the screen

Black Spots on the Monitor

If the computer was dropped or hit really hard, it can cause a shortage in the screen resulting in little black spots/lines that can turn into one big dot/line over time. For this, call the manufacturers and get the screen replaced. See HP Beats Special Edition 15-p390nr Screen Replacement

Red Spots on the Monitor

If you leave your computer on for days on end, this can cause an overuse of the monitor resulting in red spots/lines that are referred to as ‘stuck pixels’. To fix this, unplug your monitor and leave it off for 24 hours to prevent any further damage.

No Display or Display Error

Computer powers on but screen remains black. Blue screen error message.

Blank Screen

If your device is turning on but the screen remains blank, connect your device to a separate display. If the laptop display shows on the external monitor, you will have to replace your screen.

Blue Screen Error

If a blue screen shows up with a bunch of error codes, reboot your device and as its booting up press the F8 key (before Windows logo appears). An option menu will appear and select “Repair”.

Speakers not Working

Speakers aren't working or sounds bad.

No Sound

If no sound is coming out of speakers, check sound output in the system settings to see if the sound is set to come out of the speakers. If speakers still aren't working then you will have to replace them. See Speakers Replacement

Fuzzy or Clicking Noise coming from Speaker

If distorted, fuzzing, or clicking noises are coming from your speakers, they are blown. Replace the speakers and refrain from playing music at high volumes and bass.

Keyboard Not Working

Keyboard isn't working or damaged

Keyboard Not Working

If your keyboard isn't working you may need to run a diagnostics test, that can be found in your HP Hardware Diagnostics program. You can also try restarting your device and pressing the escape key to open the startup menu. Then click view and show hidden devices. Uninstall all devices named Keyboard, and restart your device once again.

Keyboard is Damaged

If your keyboard still isn't working after running a diagnostics test or is damaged, you will need to replace your keyboard. See HP Beats Special Edition 15-p390nr Keyboard Replacement

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