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HP ProBook 440 G1 Troubleshooting

A general purpose laptop created and sold in 2013 by HP

The keyboard is not responding , no typed actions appear

Hold the laptop upside down or at some angle and lightly shake it to get rid of any crumbs or dust blocking the keys

Try restarting the computer by turning it off and back on. If you cannot access the restart button simply hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds to shut off the laptop.

Shutdown the laptop then remove the battery for 30 seconds. Reattach the battery then power back up.

In the start menu, open the search bar and type in ‘Device Manager’ open the device manager. Find the line ‘Keyboard’, if there is a yellow line next to the line you may need to visit your laptop manufacturers website and download a new keyboard driver

The ribbon connecting the keyboard to the computer may be separated. You may access this connection using this guide (insert keyboard replacement guide). Instead of removing the keyboard simply ensure the ribbon is securely fit to the computer.

If none of the above solutions have worked, the keyboard may be broken and will need to be replaced. You may follow this guide to fix the problem.

After inserting a disc in to the computer, nothing happens. The computer does not recognize the disc, and no menu appears to choose what to do next.

Your laptop may recognize the disc but doesn’t show a menu on what you want to do with it. Open file explorer and click on ‘This PC’, the disc drive will show whether or not it recognizes a disc is inserted.

Try restarting the laptop by shutting it off and back on.

The disc drive may be inoperable and will need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the disc drive.

Your ProBook is slow to turn on/off, or is slow to respond

The fix to many PC issues is to just restart it.

Make sure to update Windows if you are prompted to do so. You can go into the setting to manually look for a windows update. Download it and restart your computer.

Running too many programs at once will tax the computing power. Close out any programs, applications, or web tabs you are not using.

Use a robust antivirus software to check for and remove viruses and malware. You can use Window Defender or any other antivirus you trust to check and clean any viruses.

Sometimes it’s the antivirus that causes the issue. If you download a third party antivirus make sure to just use either the Windows firewall OR the 3rd party firewall not both.

If your antivirus doesn’t find the virus you may have to go to extreme measures. Formatting the ProBook to factory spec will lead to lost files and hard work, so make sure to backup your favorite files.

If you spent a lot of time using taxing programs your RAM might be damaged from overheating or just overuse. Visit this replacement guide if your RAM had been damaged.

Over time your hard drive will fill up with data you may or may not want to keep. If your hard drive is full your PC will have a hard time finding room for temporary files it needs to function. Follow this guide to replace your hard drive.

Device only charges to a certain percentage and only runs while plugged in, does not fully charge

The charger or outlet may not be plugged in properly. Make sure that all cables and plugs are inserted in their respective slots and the wall outlet is powered. A faulty adapter may be at fault for the issue, check for indicator lights on both charger and device.

The battery itself may not be properly secured. Locate the battery and ensure it is properly inserted into its slot before charging and attempting to turn on the device.

Use the charger on another device to help root out the issue as either the battery itself or the charger not working properly.

The battery may be inoperable and will be to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the battery.

Not being able to connect to the internet, having a slow wireless connection

Connect your laptop to the internet using LAN or mobile USB hotspot. Search for “ device manager” on your computer and open it. Click on “network adapters” for a drop down and find your wireless driver and update the driver. Select “Search Automatically for updated driver software”. Restart computer and connect to WiFi.

If you do not find a wireless driver in your device manager. First identify the model name of your computer. You might find something like “hp 15-ac009ne”(an example). Search google for “[model of computer] drivers download”. Download driver from hp website not third party. Install downloaded WiFi driver properly. Restart computer and connect to WiFi.

If none of the other fixes do not work. Check your router for any problems.

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