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Ion Air Pro Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose and fix problems with your Ion Air Pro.

Lens Cover Won't Stay On

The lens cover is loose and not on tight.

Loose screws

If the lens cover is not on tight, check the screws and see if they are all on tight. If the screws are not on tight, it may lead to the cover slipping out of place and move around. It is best to have the lens cover on tight for the best performance.

Dirty Lens

Check the lens cover for the camera. The lens cover could have become contaminated with debris causing the device to capture images at a poor quality. Consider cleaning the exterior of the lens cover or removing the cover and cleaning the interior as well. Check out here on how to remove the lens cover.

Device Won't Turn On

The camera will not turn on or respond to the power switch.

Faulty Power Switch

If the battery is charged and working, then you should next check to see if the power switch is faulty. A faulty power switch may be intermittent or not work at all. Follow the guide here on how to replace the power switch.

Faulty Battery

If the switch is fine, check the battery to make sure it is charged and working properly. If the battery is not charged, it will need to be charged.

Record and Stop Switch Is Not Working

The camera is not recording when prompted to do so by the recording switch

Record/Stop Switch Is Damaged or Stuck

It is possible that your record/stop switch has been damaged or broken through various activity, in which case you will have to replace the switch all together. If your record switch is simply stuck you may be able to fix the problem by simply disassembling the switch and dislodging the cause of the problem. Check out here on how to remove the switch.

Unable To Mount Ion Air Pro

The Ion Air Pro is not able to be put on.

Broken Body Cover

The body cover of the Ion Air Pro may be cracked or broken. If it is broken, it won't be able to hold the screw securely in place. The body cover will have to be replaced with a new one. Check out here on how to remove the body cover.

Camera Is Not Working

The camera on the device isn't able to take pictures of record videos properly.

Cracked Camera Lens

Ensure that the camera lens has not been scratched or cracked along the surface. Cracks in the camera lens may interfere with the quality of the image that the camera is able to produce. Your best option is to replace the camera lens all together to improve the image quality and ensure no damage is caused to the camera.

I have the ion camocam and charges for like 20 mins then red light goes out will not fully charge please help

Donald gsell - Réponse

When i turn it on my ion air pro, it contineuosly vibrate and won't stop, pls help to fix it, tnx

Ronaldo Flores Mendiola - Réponse

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