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MagnavoxMWD200F Troubleshooting

Skipping of the DVD/CD

Cleaning of the Disc

  1. Mix a mild dishwashing detergent with warm water in a small bowl.
  2. Obtain a clean, soft, cotton cloth and dip it into the soap solution.
  3. With the cloth, begin at the inner circle of the non label side, making straight swipes towards the outer edge. Do not go in a circular pattern.
  4. Rinse throughly under warm water.
  5. Dry both sides, using a dry, cotton cloth, using the same pattern of motion as in step 3.
  6. Let disc air dry as well for a few minutes before attempting to play the disc.

No or blurred Image

Check the Audio and Video Cables

Make sure both the video and audio cables are securely inserted into their correlating spots.

Bad display

It is a possibility that the display device, your TV, is broken and should be replaced. Try using a different display device to pinpoint the problem, either with your TV or the Magnavox.

Device not reading DVD/CD

Cleaning of the Disc

See above directions of cleaning of the disc under Skipping of the DVD/CD

Alignment of DVD/CD

  • Make sure the DVD/CD is correctly aligned with in the disc drive.
  • Check for a dust or debris the disc tray.
  • Using a compressed air duster, spray inside the disc drive ridding of any small debris or dust.

Cleaning of the Optical Lens

For additional troubleshooting problems in this area, see repair Guide ?????

Disk Drive is Stuck

See repair guide ???? for instruction to dissemble the device.

Cleaning the Gears

Once device is open:

  • Using a compressed air duster, spray gears of the disc drive (see image) throughly.
  • Through cleaning of the gears.
    • Using a cotton swap and an alcohol based solution gently remove dirty lubricant from the gears.
    • Replace lubricant with a plastic friendly lubricant. Avoid using an oil based lubricant as it can wear away the plastic.

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