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Rival CM4015 Troubleshooting

White single cup coffee maker, Identified by model number CM4015.

Not Powering On

Coffee maker will not turn on.

Faulty Power Cable

Check to see if the power button light comes on when pushed, if it does not then the power cable may be faulty. Refer to the guide to replace your power cable.

Power Button Getting Stuck

The power button stays pushed in and gets stuck when I try to turn on the device.

Sticky Power Button

Test if the power button freely pushes in and out of the coffee maker, if it does not then there might be sticky residue around the power button. Remove the power button using this guide and clean surrounding areas.

Water Not Heating

The coffee is not brewing at a hot temperature.

Defective Heating Element

Test to see if the coffee maker turns on, if it does and the water does not boil within 5 minutes of being on, then the heating element may be defective. Refer to this guide to replace your heating element.

Leaking Water

Device is not able to self contain water within its system of tubes.

Loose Water Tubes

Test to see if there is excess water in drip catcher or if the water chamber is overfilled. If neither of these have occured, then the water tubes within the coffee maker may be loose. Refer to this guide to secure your water tubes.

Lid Will Not Stay Closed

The lid on top of the coffeemaker does not seal shut while brewing.

Broken Plastic Clips

Check the lid to see if any of the plastic clips have broken off. If one has, refer to this guide to replace the lid.

My Rival CM4015 coffee maker makes a high-pitched noise as it brews coffee. Any ideas why this happens?

John Brancaleon - Réponse

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