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Samsung Rogue SCH-u960 Troubleshooting

Phone will not turn on

No matter what you do, you can not get your phone to turn on.

Power Switch

First, make sure that your phone has been charged recently to ensure that it has power. If it hasn't been charged recently, charge it for 2 hours before continuing to troubleshoot this issue. Next, try holding the 'Power' switch a little longer. Make sure you are pressing the power switch firmly enough. Hold it for at least 10 seconds and see if the phone is responsive in any way. Check for any sign of power in the form of light from the device.

Drained or Dead Battery

Make sure the battery is in the phone and is placed correctly inside with nothing stuck in between the battery and the phone. Make sure the battery is fully charged. Charge the phone for a couple of hours and then see if it will turn on. If it still will not turn on, you can try putting the battery in another Samsung mobile device that you know will turn on. If it works in another phone, then you can eliminate the battery as the problem to your dead phone. If that does not work, then look into getting a new battery. To remove your battery follow this guide.

Problems with orientation of display on OLED

When you slide the phone open, the screen is supposed to change to the horizontal view but does not.

Pull the Battery Out

This will drain the electrical system from any excess energy. Using this technique can often reset a phone and fix minor software issues. Pull out the battery, and keep it out for a few minutes before putting it back in. Make sure the inside of the phone is completely clean so as to prevent any interference between the battery and the phone. Wipe the inside of the phone with a dry towel, and use a cotton swap for getting into the corners or small areas.

Faulty Keyboard

When typing letters or symbols they either do not display at all or just display the wrong characters.

Overused Keyboard

You may have either used your keyboard to its full extent or pushed too hard while texting or making phone calls. Try to look for signs of physical damage on the keyboard. See if any of the keys are sticking when you press them. Check to see if it is one specific key that will not work. If it is just one key, check around that key for damage or interference. The key may have broken. If it is not consistently one key, try resetting your phone by pulling out the battery and putting it back in. If it continues to not work, you may have to replace the keyboard completely.

Dirty Keyboard

Take apart the keyboard from the phone and clean underneath it. It may have just been getting stuck to dirt from below. Make sure that there is nothing stuck behind the keys that could cause any interference. Also make sure that there are no signs of water damage under the keyboard. Once it is clean, try putting it back together and see if the keys now work.

Touch Screen Not Working

No matter how many times your try to slide your finger or select an option, it will not detect your finger on the screen.

Dirty or Scratched Screen

Clean the screen with a soft cloth and some cleaner. Make sure your hands are dry and do not contain any substances on it. Consider purchasing a thin protective screen to stick on to the surface. This can protect the phone's actual screen from further damage. If the phone screen is severely scratched or cracked, you can replace the OLED Screen.

Dead Pixels

Look very closely at your phone's screen to see if there are any dead pixels. Try to navigate your phone to a bright solid colored screen in order to check for any imperfections in the form of black dots. If your phone has some pixels that will no longer display anything, replace the OLED Screen.

Phone will Not Charge

Even though you plug in your phone to the battery, it will not charge.

Bad Battery

Your battery may be old or is faulty. Turn off your phone completely and charge it for two hours. If the phone still does not turn on, look into getting a new battery. Otherwise, there may be another issue with the internal connections within your phone.

Problem with Charge Port

The charge port may have been disconnected internally or may be faulty. Check for signs of damage to the port. Use a light to make sure there is nothing stuck inside of it. The charge port is part of the motherboard, so unfortunately if it is broken then you will have to replace the entire motherboard.

No audio from headphone jack

No sound is coming from the headphone jack when you plug in earphones.

Dirty Headphone Jack

Sometimes the only problem comes from dirt consistently building up inside your headphone jack. Try cleaning out the jack with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to get excess amounts of rubbing alcohol inside of the headphone jack. Check with a light to look for signs of internal damage or to see if there is anything stuck in it.

Bad Headphones

You may just have broken earphones. Try testing them on another unit to see if they work. Also, check to make sure the connector cable is clean and in tact. If they still do not work, then you should get new headphones.

Faulty Headphone Jack

Make sure there is nothing stuck in the headphone jack. Use a flashlight to see inside of it completely. Check for signs of internal damage and make sure to try cleaning it out with a cotton swab and alcohol first. If the jack is still broken, you will need to look into replacing it. The headphone jack is part of the motherboard, so replace your motherboard.

Loudspeaker isn't audible

No sound is coming from the loudspeaker when you are talking on speakerphone or trying to listen to music.

Check Phone Settings

First, make sure you do not have your headphones plugged into your headphone jack. This automatically mutes the speakers and allows sound to only come through the headphones. If headphones are not connected, the phone may have glitched for a minute and may think they are still connected to the headphone jack. If this is the case, just reset your phone by turning it off, taking out the battery for a few seconds, and putting it back in. In addition, make sure your phone is not on a mute or vibrate setting that disables sound from the speaker. Also, be sure your volume is turned all the way up; on the lowest setting it may be impossible to hear anything coming from your speakers. Adjust your volume using the volume control buttons on the side of your Rogue.

Broken Speaker

Check for signs of damage to the speaker. Use a flashlight to make sure there is nothing stuck inside of it. Try cleaning it out to make sure there is no dirt causing interference. If your loudspeaker is still broken, you will have to replace the loudspeaker.

Front function keys don't work

The call, middle, and end buttons on the bottom of the phone are non-responsive

The Keys are Broken

First try resetting your phone by pulling out the battery and putting it back it. If the keys still do not work, check for any signs of damage to the keys. Try cleaning them off and make sure there is nothing stuck in between them. Check if the keys are sticking when you press them down. If these keys are broken, replace the function keys.

Bad Connection

When pushing the front function keys, there is the possibility the phone is just not processing them. Within the phone, behind the OLED screen, are some orange strips which send signals throughout the phone when it is told. One or more of these strips may have accidentally come loose and will not allow your action to process. Use our guide to get to the function keys and fix this problem.

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