Phone won't turn on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your phone to turn on.

Hold down the on switch ¶ 

Before delving into the guts of your phone, hold down the ON switch on the phone. If this doesn't work, read on.

Remove the battery ¶ 

If the phone won't turn on, try removing the battery and restarting the phone to see if it turns on. If it still doesn't turn on, the battery is probably dead. Use the following guide to show you how to remove the battery and replace it. Remplacement de la batterie du Samsung Spex-R210

Drained/bad battery ¶ 

If the battery is dead or the phone is not charged, there are two options that you have. The first option is to remove the battery connector. The other option is to purchase a new battery for the phone.

Bad display ¶ 

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. If the battery is charged and fully functional, but it does not light up as it should, it is possible the display is bad and must be replaced.

Poor Reception ¶ 

You can't make any calls or get text messages.

No signal ¶ 

The signal bars do not lit up in the notification bar. The area you are in doesn't have a signal tower or have signal reflectors. Move over to another area where you have better reception.

Bad Antenna ¶ 

You may need to either replace your antenna or have it re wired. Use the following guide to replace the antenna. Replacement de l'antenne du Samsung SPEX SCH-R210

Phone is not vibrating ¶ 

When you receive a call or a notification, the phone does not vibrate.

Phone is set in silent/sleep mode ¶ 

Your phone is set to silent mode. This feature can be change through your phone settings.

Broken Vibrating Mechanism ¶ 

Vibrating mechanism may be broken, and need to be replaced for it to function.

Key Pad is not working ¶ 

You press on the keys and the phone does not display what you are pressing.

Key Pad is locked ¶ 

Your key pad may be locked, which can be unlocked by pressing the power key.

Key Pad may be broken ¶ 

Key pad may be broken and lost connection to the motherboard. It will need to be replaced. Use the following guide to replace the keypad. Remplacement du clavier du Samsung SPEX SCH-R210

Problems connecting to Internet ¶ 

The phone will not connect to the Internet.

Internet plan not activated ¶ 

Call your provider to activate your internet plan for it to work.

No Service ¶ 

The signal bars do not lit up in the notification bar. Your current location may not have cellular signal.

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