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Samsung Stratosphere Troubleshooting

The phone won't turn on

The phone is remaining off even though the power button is pressed.

The battery is not charged

Make sure the battery is charged before trying to turn on the phone. Plug the phone in for at least a couple hours before trying to turn the phone on again.

The battery is disconnected

Make sure the battery fits well in the back of the phone. There are 2 metal squares on the side of the battery that need to be touching the 2 metal squares in the cavity where the battery fits. This provides a connection that allows the electricity from the battery to flow into the phone. It is common for the battery to become loose or disconnected from the phone if it is dropped or handled aggressively.

The screen is broken

If there are visual cracks on the screen, then the screen is broken and needs to be replaced. Cracks on the screen are most commonly caused by dropping the phone. See our display replacement guide.

The phone won't charge

The phone is losing battery charge even though it is plugged into the charging cord.

The battery is failing

The battery may be faulty and need replacing. Batteries have a specific lifetime, and after a certain amount of charges they start losing charge. See our battery replacement guide.

The camera doesn't work

Either the camera does not start or take pictures, or the pictures don't turn out normally.

The phone needs to be restarted

Restart the phone by turning it off manually or taking out the battery, waiting 5 seconds, and putting the battery back in. If the camera still doesn't work, you might need to try a factory reset.

The camera is broken

The camera may be broken or damaged. The rear camera can be identified on the back of the phone. It could become damaged if scratched or if excess heat was applied to the camera. See our camera replacement guide.

The flex cable is failing

The flex cable failed and might need to be replaced. The flex cable is a long, thin cable that connects all of the phone pieces and can cause the phone to malfunction if it is not properly operating. See our flex cable replacement guide.

The battery dies quickly

The battery lasts from only a few minutes to a few hours.

The battery is not fully charged

Battery life is brief if you do not plug the phone in for very long. Try leaving the phone to charge overnight. If this does not increase the battery life, your battery may need replacing. See our battery replacement guide.

The battery is old

Batteries can only be charged a certain number of times before they stop holding charge. On average, batteries need replacement every two years. To replace the battery, see our battery replacement guide.

Too many unnecessary applications are running

The Samsung Stratosphere can have a number of applications running in the background without you being aware. Try reducing the number of running applications or download special battery performance apps.

The flex cable is broken

A failing flex cable could effect the battery's function and need replacement. If your phone randomly shuts down, but has a good battery, your flex cable may be broken. To replace the flex cable, see our flex cable replacement guide.

The softkeys don't work

The screen softkeys do not respond even after a factory reset.

The screen is broken

A broken screen may render the Stratosphere's softkeys unresponsive. Simply inspect the screen surface for any cracks. If it is cracked, the screen may need to be replaced. See our display replacement guide.

The flex cable is failing

If the screen is not broken, then the flex cable is failing and might need to be replaced. See our flex cable replacement guide.

the battery is charged, removed & replaced & the phone will still not turn on

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