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Your satellite shuts down without you turning it off.

Your laptop battery could just have died. Try plugging in your laptop charger to charge the battery.

Your battery could damaged or broken in some way that does not allow it to sufficiently power your laptop. This is likely if you tried plugging in your charger and it still won’t turn on. Try getting a replacement battery and look at the battery replacement guide to see if that solves the problem.

Laptops can run very hot, and if the temperature inside the laptop gets too high the laptop will shut itself down to prevent the heat from damaging the laptop. See the "My Satellite 2430-S255 is overheating” troubleshooting guide below for more information.

Your Satellite is running very hot.

Check the cooling vent on the back of the laptop to see if there is any visible dust there. If there is try to clear it out. You should also open up the laptop and check inside for dust.

Check to see if you can hear the fan running when your Satellite is hot. If the fan is not running then it may be broken. If it is broken it should be replaced with a new one.

The heat could be malfunctioning, and should be replaced. See the heat sink replacement guide of a similar model for reference on how to do this.

Your Satellite seems to be working, but nothing comes up on the screen.

Use a VGA or DVI cable to display your laptop to a secondary monitor. If the laptop is properly displayed on the second screen but still not on the laptops screen, then there is something wrong with the screen. The laptop display screen could be broken and in need of replacement. See the monitor replacement guide for more information on replacing the screen.

You are not able to get on the internet using this laptop.

Check the wireless antenna on/off switch on the left side of the laptop to see if wireless is turned on or off.

There are many other possible causes of your internet not working including but not limited to a problem with your internet browser, a problem with your modem/router, etc. This guide is only based on the Toshiba Satellite 2430-S255 so these other issue will not be covered here.

When the laptop is booted it does not enter windows and notifies the user that no boot drive was detected.

When moving the laptop your hard drive could have become disconnected. Check out our hard drive replacement guide to see how you can ensure the hard drive is connected.

There are a number of reasons a hard drive could go bad in a laptop. To replace the hard drive follow our hard drive replacement guide.

After putting a disk in the disk drive the laptop does not recognize there is a disk there.

The disk that was inserted could be damaged in some way, preventing the disk drive from reading it.

If your computer can’t tell when is has a disk inside it the disk drive could be broken. To replace the disk drive follow our Optical Disk Drive replacement guide.

Every device on a computer has a piece of software known as the “driver”. The driver helps windows interact with its hardware. There are many software issues that could cause the disk drive to stop working. One common way to fix them is to update, or remove then reinstall the drivers.

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