The Alienware M14XR2 is the new and improved version of Alienware's M14X which features 8 gigabytes of Ram, 1600 by 900 resolution, Intel I7 processor, and a built in web camera.

The Alienware M14XR2 will not turn on ¶ 

Your computer will not boot.

Dead battery ¶ 

If your laptop runs fine while connected to a power adapter but once it is unplugged it will not turn on it is likely due to a dead battery. You can fix this by replacing the dead battery. To remove the battery, please refer to the battery replacement guide.

Faulty power cable ¶ 

If changing your battery does not solve the problem then the power cable may not be working. Your issue might be bad connections between the computer, the cable, and the outlet. The issue can be fixed by replacing the power cable and properly charging the battery.

The laptop will not read files ¶ 

Your computer is unable to read any files

Corrupted hard drive ¶ 

If your laptop keeps reading files as corrupted, will not properly download programs and eventually will not turn on at all then your hard drive is corrupted and you will need to replace it in order for the laptop to run properly. The laptop will not run until a properly working hard drive is installed. To replace the hard drive, please refer to the hard drive replacement guide.

The CD drive will not function properly ¶ 

The CD drive will not open or read discs.

The CD drive does not open ¶ 

If your CD drive will not open it is likely due an obstruction or broken piece inside the CD drive itself. This can be caused by a number things that all result in some object or piece blocking the movement of the CD drive. You will have to remove the CD drive and take it apart. To remove the CD drive, please refer to the CD drive replacement guide.

The CD drive does not read discs ¶ 

If your CD drive does not read discs, it is due to a faulty disc reader inside the drive itself. This may be due to something blocking the disc reader or one part of the reader not working properly. The reader will most likely need to be replaced in order to make the CD drive work again. To remove the CD drive, please refer to the CD drive replacement guide.

The laptop will not recognize input from the keyboard ¶ 

The keyboard will not send information to the computer.

The keyboard is unresponsive ¶ 

If your keyboard is not responding to any commands or input from you, then you need to clean the keyboard. This can be done by a variety of methods such as using compressed air to clear out any dust or using alcohol wipes to disinfect and clean the keys. You can also try plugging in an external keyboard and see if the same issue occurs. If neither of these works then you need to replace the keyboard with a working version.

The laptop randomly shuts off ¶ 

The computer loses power seemingly randomly.

The fan is not working properly ¶ 

If the laptop is hot to touch, the computer may be overheating and will shut itself off to protect the internal components. You may need to clean the fan using a compressed air duster. If cleaning does not work, then opening up the laptop more fully to inspect the fan may be necessary. If all else fails, the fan may need to be replaced.

The laptop performs very slowly ¶ 

The computer runs slower than it used to.

There is not enough RAM ¶ 

If your laptop runs very slowly and does not appear to have a virus, the computer does not have enough RAM. The only solution is to buy more RAM and install it into your computer. By buying more RAM you will allow your computer to perform much faster and cause less damage to your device. To replace the RAM, please refer to the RAM replacement guide.

The laptop will not connect to wireless networks ¶ 

The computer will not recognize or join any wireless networks.

Faulty WiFi card ¶ 

If your laptop will not connect to wireless networks and connects just fine to wired networks, then your computer's WiFi card is broken. The only solution is to dissemble the laptop and replace the WiFi card. Check to make sure that both antennas are connected to their appropriate connectors By replacing the card you will be able to connect to wireless networks. To replace the WiFi card, please refer to the WiFi card replacement guide.

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