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Voici quelques outils couramment utilisés pour travailler sur cet appareil. Vous ne devriez pas avoir besoin de tous les outils pour chaque procédure.


For more information regarding common troubleshooting problems, check out the Brentwood TS-292B Troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Brentwood TS-292B has two extra-wide toasting slots and a cool touch housing. You can toast bagels and thick artisan bread using these extra wide slots and the cool touch housing ensures user safety while the device is in use.You can choose from light to dark toast with its 6-setting browning knob on the 800w Brentwood TS-292B toaster. It also comes with auto centering guides to insure even toasting and includes an easy access crumb tray and convenient cord wrap.

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