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Track down a number of hardware problems using the Canon PowerShot A80 troubleshooting page.

Identification and Background

The Canon PowerShot A80 looks very similar to the previous A70 model, but offers some important improvements. To easily identify the A80, the model number is on the outer case. It has a 4.1 megapixel resolution, with 3x optical/3.6x digital zoom, and a swivel LCD that can reach almost any angle. Another enhancement over the A70 includes the two custom shooting modes, which let you save individual sets of exposure options. The A80 also features a shutter-like lens cover and a retracting lens that keeps the camera front smooth when the camera is powered off.

The Canon PowerShot A80's exterior is a two-toned silver plastic body that is compact and lightweight. Canon's reputation of providing high tech camera devices is certainly upheld with the A80 series.

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