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For additional help, check out the Ninja Coffee Bar® Single-Serve System Repair Troubleshooting Page .

Background and Identification

The latest and greatest Ninja Coffee Bar® is a single serve coffee bar equipped for a plethora of different brews and serving sizes. Also, this package includes a host of amazing coffee recipes you can create and enjoy, all from your environment of choice.

This system gives you the freedom to use any type of coffee and to adjust the amount of grounds you prefer. Ninja’s patent-pending Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction® Technology provides the full flavor potential for your favorite coffee grounds. If you prefer a smooth and balanced flavor the classic brew is what you want. If a more intense flavor is needed, the rich brew is perfect for you. But if you want the most outstanding iced coffee, that is never watered down, you should go with the over ice brew.

Ninja’s Signature Brews take the level of your coffee beyond belief. This system can do anything from a full body complex flavor, to a bold flavor combined with frothed milk. Along with the hot, cold, and blended options, all options can be obtained in a matter of seconds. The integrated frothing device lets you brew, froth, and consume in your favorite cup.

To find your device's model number look on the side of the original box and it should say Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System CF111.

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